Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No Imperialist beef!

(North) Korean News covers an unlikely front in the all-people struggle to smash Imperialist plots:
Struggle of people from different social standings is going on day after day in south Korea against traitor Lee Myung Bak for totally allowing the import of beef from the U.S.

A large-scale candlelight rally was held at Chonggye Plaza in Kwanghwamun of Seoul on Saturday night in the wake of similar rally on Friday.

It was attended by members of political parties and civic and social organizations including the Democratic Labour Party and the Headquarters of the All-People Movement for Checking the S. Korea-U.S. FTA and citizens and students, at least 20,000 all told.

Prior to the rally, the Citizens' Solidarity against Policy staged a signature campaign against the import of American beef.

Members of the organization informed the citizens of the danger of "mad cow disease," calling upon them to turn out in the struggle to oppose the import of the American beef.

Meanwhile, an all-people cultural event against the import of American beef was held in front of a bell house in Seoul. [...]
"An all-people cultural event"! Gotta love that totalitarian rhetoric.

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