Friday, May 23, 2008

"Rodong Sinmun Calls for Heightened Vigilance against 'Liberty' and 'Democracy' Touted by Imperialists"

(North) Korean News keeps churning out this stuff--the world's most self-defeating propaganda, making ever greater leaps into a realm beyond caricature on a daily basis:
The world progressive people should not be taken in by "liberty and democracy" of aggressive nature much publicized by the imperialists but wage a dynamic struggle for genuine freedom and democracy.

Rodong Sinmun today urges this in a signed article.

It is sheer hypocrisy for the imperialists to claim that a capitalist society is a "free world" allegedly giving people all sorts of freedom, the article notes, and goes on:

This is nothing but a foolish attempt to keep mankind from longing for socialism and create illusion about capitalism among people in a bid to westernize the world.

The imperialists' loudmouthed "liberty and democracy" is a slogan for aggression and interference to realize their ambition for world domination.

"Liberty" and "democracy" advertised by the U.S. are the keynote of the strategy for "peaceful transition" to capitalism. By touting "liberty" the U.S. seeks to raise the wave of bourgeois liberalization in other countries in a bid to prod the people of those countries into expressing suspicion and distrust in their own systems and offering resistance against them and make the jungle law governing the struggle for existence prevail in a society where one is allowed to live and behave as one pleases and sacrifice others for oneself. Its ultimate aim is to bring down the systems of those countries.

Failure to maintain vigilance against "liberty" and "democracy" advertised by the imperialists may entail irrevocable grave consequences. The world progressives should draw a lesson from the miserable plight of those countries where the destiny of the country and the nation is being trifled with due to the wave of "liberalization" spread by the imperialists and heighten vigilance against "liberty and democracy" advertised by them.

Now the imperialists regard "freedom" of thinking as an important means to destabilize and degenerate socialist countries. They are spreading bourgeois idea and culture, talking about "freedom" of thinking. They have gone the lengths of using intelligence institutions and other plot-breeding organizations for spreading bourgeois idea and culture in socialist countries and, at the same time, pressurizing them to accept "freedom" of thinking, attaching political and economic strings. They thus seek to spread bourgeois idea and culture worldwide in an effort to realize their ambition for world domination with ease. This is precisely the reason why the revolutionary people should intensify ideological education to prevent the ideological and cultural poisoning of the imperialists and defend the socialist cause.

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