Sunday, November 02, 2008

"39th Sports Contest of Artistes Held" (in North Korea)

As you probably know, Judeopundit is the premier blog for sports coverage. Last year we learned that at the 38th Sports Games of Artistes the "cinematic group" took first place. This time the educators have come out on top. Congrats Educators! That's a great leap forward in the Spirit of Mt. Paektu!
The 39th sports contest of artistes took place at the Kim Il Sung Stadium on Oct. 31.

The contest which was divided into groups of movie persons, stage artistes, educators and producers included football, basketball, volleyball, field and track and tug of war and other events.

In every event the players displayed high sports technique, collective spirit and noble moral traits.

The group of educators placed first in group standing.
Recent blog carnivals displaying collective spirit and noble moral traits include Carnival of the Insanites and Haveil Havalim.

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