Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tariq Alhomayed: "Obama and the Joy of the Inadequate"

More elegant bluntness from Asharq Alawasat:
. . . if we look at some of the reactions in our region to Barack Obama’s victory in the US presidential elections, one is overwhelmed by bewilderment. The statements of some figures in our region demonstrated that their joy for Obama’s victory is the joy of those who are inadequate.

Obama is the US president-elect; he is not a candidate of ours. The Americans elected him to serve their own best interests, not ours. However, some responses that have been issued in our region are evidence of the depth of the crisis that we are enduring.

For example, [Lebanese Parliament Speaker] Nabih Berri said, "By electing Obama, the Americans are trying to wipe the slate clean and a wonderful democracy has helped them do that." Where is your democracy? Where is the benefit in taking up weapons against your own people? [...]

That’s not all. The Syrian Minister of Information expressed his hope that Obama’s victory would help change Washington’s foreign policy and move away from the policy of war and siege towards diplomacy and dialogue and not ignore the problems from which the nations are suffering.

Is Obama a candidate for Damascus? Is he required to solve Syria’s problems? How has the Syrian role or the efforts of Damascus worked towards solving its own problems? How can the Syrian minister ask America to end its policy of siege and to follow the approach of dialogue whilst Damascus carries out blockades and commits other shocking acts in Lebanon? [...]
In the omitted paragraphs, which you'll want to read, Iran, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood are given similar treatment.

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