Wednesday, November 19, 2008

MPAC-UK: Zionists "use politics to harm innocent people and kill millions"

This article is called "Taking on dense Muslims," and the idea is to get out the Muslim vote. The Iraq war here exemplifies how the "Zionists" "use politics to harm innocent people and kill millions." This isn't one of your more nuanced world-views:
You know we've tried being nice, and we've tried explaining things logically, but it seems that there are some Muslims who just don't get it. For the sake of the Ummah these dense Muslims deserve to hear the truth, so here it goes:

By not voting you are an idiot.

Any Muslim that says "oh but I have a choice to not vote like any other member of the public" is an idiot. No, you don't have a choice, because other members of British society aren't being demonised or oppressed to the extent we are!

You vote because you can help the Ummah, how dense does someone have to be to understand that? It's not about you, or about me, it's about the Ummah.

Let me break it down for you extra-dense Muslims (i.e. HT members):

When Iraq was bombed, some Muslims went on a march (even then, there were more non-Muslims present there than Muslims) but that was all they did, thinking it was the be all, and end all of their duty as a Muslim, whereas the Zionists were working relentlessly to ensure that the war happened.

Can't you understand a simple fact that if Zionists can use politics to harm innocent people and kill millions, you and I can use our votes to save millions! [...]

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