Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guardian: "new form of political discourse and dialogue"

This is from a an article entitled "Half-white is an insult." You can guess what the article says about Obama's race, but what's with this opening paragraph?
Barack Hussein Obama's stunning victory against what was a thoroughly cynical Clinton campaign and a confused and morally bankrupt conservative Republican opposition is as historically significant as the fall of the Berlin Wall. His victory has revealed that a radical new form of political discourse and dialogue is possible, and that the tired dichotomies the political class have sustained for so long can be challenged by the people.
What would a "radical new form of political discourse and dialogue" be? Hip-hop performance art? Why should the fall of a racial barrier, which I guess is what the author means about the Berlin Wall, and the possibility of more leftist policies lead to a new "form of discourse"? Is this article an example of it?

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