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Ahmadinejad: "the entire prestigious personalities are quite invulnerable"

The articles at IRNA are often stridently anti-American and downright paranoid, but the English they are written in is usually competent. This one sinks into the tar pits of totalitarian blather:
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Wednesday Iranian nation has most energetically and from the bottom of their hearts remained faithful to martyrs’ ideals and would keep on safeguard its prestige for good.

According to IRNA’s dispatched reporter, President Ahmadinejad who was unexpectedly visiting the Fat’hol-Mobin Operation zone of the Iraqi imposed war, located in Shoush-e-Danial region, gave an address for the Iranian New Year, Norouz, visitors of the war zones.

He said, "Today dozens of millions of Iran’s youths and teen aged folks are ready for construction, advancement and proceeding of their country towards peaks of perfection with their idealistic thoughts and ambitions, their strong beliefs, and their selfless efforts."

Ahmadinejad emphasized, "I thank the Almighty God for granting me this opportunity to have a pilgrimage of this holy region along with you pious and revolutionary people."

Addressing the pilgrims and members of the caravans titled "Rahiayan-e-Nour" (Wayfarers of Light), the president reiterated, "Today you have come to the operation zones to transmit a great message to the entire world."

He added, "The (imposed war) operation zones are among the best places that can give incentives and energy to people and encourage the human beings in their pursuit of exalted and idealistic objectives."

Pointing out that the great personalities make the history and the fate of the mankind, Ahmadinejad said, "Great personalities always spend their entire efforts aimed at achieving exalted and divine goals and that is why they pave the path for the advancement and perfection of the mankind."

The president said that the prestige and high esteem of the human beings are among the most important divine values, adding, "The Almighty Allah has created the human beings with high esteems and they are all dear for God, to an extent that the prestige of a human being is so important that it is worth sacrificing his entirety for it."

He furthermore reiterated, "The entire oppressors, hegemonic powers and corrupt countries throughout history have initially aimed their plots at the prestige of the human beings, because a man deprived of his self esteem would yield to all types of humiliation and would easily be trampled upon and annihilated."

Ahmadinejad said that the entire prestigious personalities are quite invulnerable, adding, "It is impossible for the oppressors to exert their hegemony over those nations and societies that have tasted the good taste of prosperity."

According to him, the entire oppressor powers are after demolishing the self esteem of those nations whom they wish to impose their hegemony against them, particularly the Iranian nation.

The president referred the invasion of the Ba’th regime of Iraq against Iran soon after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and invading the Iranian borders in the northwest and southwest of our country, stressing, "Shortly after the victory of our revolution the oppressors and the global oppression organized a chain of barbarism and forwarded it towards the Iranian nation in an aggressive move."

Ahmadinejad emphasized, "The Iranian nation prestigiously, bravely and with a high self esteem and unique belief hoisted its flag, and then defended it, so that today, the Iranians are a great and dear nation."
The flavor of this vintage is crisp and fruity with North Korean notes.
Ahmadinejad added, "Praise is worthy of the martyrs, the freed prisoners of war, the combatants, and the 'Mujahid' Iranian nation that with their exemplary pride disheartened the enemy and did not permit the banner of prestige of the Iranian nation to fall on the ground."

He said, "Praise is worthy of the pious Iranian nation that showed the entire world nations with their presence at the south operation fields that the way and the ideals of the martyrs of the revolution still have mighty wayfarers."
There is nothing as satisfying to a writer as finding just the right word.

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