Monday, April 06, 2009

Larijani criticizes "the new US administration's shifty stance on Iran"

Obama is kinda shifty, isn't he?
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly criticized the new US administration's shifty stance on Iran.

"The conduct of the US leaders resembles that of political prowlers. Violations of human rights, widespread dictatorship, and financial havoc are the main symptoms of their behavior," Ali Larijani was quoted by press tv as saying on Sunday, while addressing the first open session of the parliament in the new Iranian year.

The Iranian parliament speaker's comments came as the new US President Barack Obama, in a speech in Prague, vowed to hang on to the controversial US plan to set up a missile system in Eastern Europe until an 'Iranian missile threat' is eliminated.

"As long as the threat from Iran persists, we will go forward with the missile system," said Obama.

Meantime, Obama, in an attempt to soften Washington's harsh tone on Iran, called on the international community to respect Tehran's sovereignty in their efforts to deal with Tehran's nuclear program.

"There should be a mechanism that respects Iran's sovereignty and allows them to develop peaceful nuclear energy but draws a clear line that we cannot have nuclear arms race in the Middle East," he told reporters during a joint news conference with his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy on Friday. [...]
His concern about a "nuclear arms race in the Middle East" is touching. One thing's for sure, the conduct of the latest Haveil Havalim does not resemble that of political prowlers.

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