Saturday, April 18, 2009

My head's exploding, too--can I have a link?

My head just went kaflooey! Bits of skull are sticking in the ceiling. Brain is dripping down the wall. What made my head explode? It appears that Glen Beck and Charles Johnson of LGF are--oh no!--saying critical things about each other!!!! My head, my head . . . aaaaaaaaaaagh . . . kaflooey!!!!! There, it exploded again. That's pretty cool, actually. Did you know the same head can explode multiple times? I never realized how limiting it was to have one's brain enclosed within a skull. It's a pity actually, they both (Glen and Charles, not my brain and my skull) do good work. Or maybe it isn't a pity, maybe some attention-getting controversy is just what the right-wing needs right now--that sort of attention would definitely be OK with me.

Maybe I need to mount a new attack on somebody. Ready? Here goes. iowahawk better stop satirizing the precious treasure-sword of Songun!!! The Korean people are rallying close around the headquarters of the revolution in the spirit of Mt. Paektu with the might of single-minded unity and the mental power peculiar to them. Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is giving invaluable field-guidance to the art squad of the Hungnam fertilizer complex! How dare iowahawk sully the immortal deeds of the peerlessly great persons with a bunch of imperialist hues and cries about Western trailer-park ruffians and fireworks! iowahawk would be gravely mistaken if he thinks he can bring the DPRK on its knees by satire!

Let the heads explode . . .

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