Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dar Al Hayat: "One Qadhafi Is Enough for Us"

The "other Qaddafi" is one Hugo Chavez:
[...] Another 'Qadhafi' appears in South America in the person of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who came to the summit carrying a book he had written about 'the Arab revolution,' with a picture of Gamal Abdel Nasser on the cover. He then proceeded to declaim a speech no less 'revolutionary' than that of our dreamy 'General,' calling for the revival of 'Nasserism' as if it were a political ideology rather than a mere political-emotional phase that is linked to a President and that ended with his departure - its political, economic, and social motives and circumstances having faded with time. We can't understand why Chavez is so interested and passionate about our region, while he has - if he wishes so - his country and a whole region that suffers from political, social, and developmental backwardness. Also, who said that he, who has come to politics from the army with an attempt at a military coup followed by a constitutional overthrow, knows and understands what Arabs need today, for him to take out from his pocket a 'prescription' they have tried and gone beyond? Is Chavez really able to grasp the implications of our region, which even some of its leaders cannot assimilate? Can he give out solutions to our problems, he who only heard about us after he came to power, only visited our region on official occasions, and only heard about our world from a bunch of advisors who neither speak our language nor understand our concerns?

The least of what can be said on the 'cure' prescribed by the Latin American 'doctor' for our ailments is that it will most assuredly heighten our suffering, especially if we were to mix it with a similar prescription suggested by the Iranian 'doctor' Ahmadinejad, who calls us to a 'continued revolution' and 'an endless fight.' Perhaps the circle of 'curers' will be complete when the coming Arab summit convenes in Libya itself. We beg you to have mercy on us. One Qadhafi is enough for us.
You have to hand it to Arab writers sometimes. They are good at conveying disgust.

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