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IRIB (Iran): Abdul Alim Musa declares "Muslims live under dictatorship in US"

Abdul Alim Musa is a name worth knowing. According to Wikipedia:
In a video aired by Fox News, Musa stated, from behind a podium at the University of California at Irvine on Sept. 9, 2001, that "If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we're going to burn America down."
We also learn, courtesy of Wikipedia, that Musa is reported to have said "Yahuds are the enemy of humanity." "Yahuds" are folks like your faithful Judeopundit who like a nice sip of single-malt scotch with their shmaltz-herring after davening on Saturday morning. Musa is apparently a great supporter of Khomeinism and he makes an appearance in the following IRIB item:
Muslims live under dictatorship in America, said an African-American Muslim activist, ahead of a review of the US human rights records by the UN Human Rights Council.

In less than two weeks, the Human Rights Council will, for the first time ever, assess the human rights status of the United States in a Universal Periodic Review (UPR).

"We [Muslims] believe that it is our duty, it is our responsibility to stand up to what we call the US government's 'constitutional dictatorship'," activist and Imam of Masjid al-Islam Abdul Alim Musa said on Monday.

"When we say a constitutional dictatorship, we mean that they have a constitution, but with all of the new anti-terrorism bills, patriot acts, all of the homeland securities, all of the FBI memos... all of these new charges that they operate on allow them to go around all of the constitutional guarantees [for human rights,]" he added. [...]
If only America were more like Iran. In a similar vein, "Ahmadinejad on Monday stressed that the West’s programs and patterns . . . have been failed." Just savor that Irangrish. Irangrish, of course, is not just a matter of bad grammar, but also a certain grandiose vagueness. Let's read on and learn that "the Iranian culture is based on facts." (Although oddly, Ahmadinejad's speech, as reported here, doesn't seem to be overburdened much with factual content):
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday stressed that the West’s programs and patterns regarding various issues of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as economic and social subjects have been failed.

The President made the remarks while addressing a national seminar on soft war.

He underlined the need for setting forth Islamic-Iranian views and programs at the international arena regarding different global issues.

He said such programs are based on Islamic values and principles in one hand and the capabilities of the Iranian nation on the other.

Referring to Iran’s rich culture, the President reiterated that the Iranian culture is based on facts.

The Iranian experts and youth are capable of presenting to the world appropriate Iranian patterns which can replace the failed western ones, he added.

The Islamic Iran should be turned to the venue of elevated thoughts, appropriate human programs and revolutionary acts, he noted.

Today, an effective operation to counter soft war is impossible without a target-oriented, cohesive and integrated planning, President Ahmadinejad said.

He expressed hope that the Islamic Iran would turn to the theoretical source of thought, program and management throughout the globe.
I guess he looks forward to the time when everyone will take direction from Iran, provided they can figure out what those fluffy pronouncements mean exactly. Of course, I don't think the Yahuds will be much inclined to explain it to them.

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