Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Larijani: Israel is now sliding into annihilation"

I should make a collection of English Iranian press stories which use the word "annihilation" in connection with Israel:
IRI parliament speaker said Muslims' awakening, launching promising moves and resistance against the Zionist regime's oppression are the best assets to the Middle East region.

"The question of Palestine is the most painful issue in our history," Ali Larijani was quoted by the IRIB as saying at an international conference on Palestine which opened in Tehran on Saturday.

"We are witnessing blatant repression against Palestinians," the top parliamentarian underlined.

He said Palestinians have been forced from their motherland and subjected to suppression and killing.

Larijani added that Tel Avis was tasked by the US to create a fresh saga in the region and create a new Middle East.

"It was the time when the Zionist regime began to decline", Larijani continued.

Israel is now sliding into annihilation, the Iranian parliament speaker concluded.

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