Sunday, October 03, 2010

Kim's "re-election" reflects "unanimous will and ardent desire of all . . . the people of the country"

Ever notice the this is the only blog that covers the truly "important" political events?
Leading papers Thursday editorially congratulate General Secretary Kim Jong Il on his reelection as general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The Conference of the WPK reelected him as its general secretary reflecting the unanimous will and ardent desire of all the party members, the servicepersons and the people of the country and elected the central leadership body of the WPK.

Rodong Sinmun says that it marked an important political event that provided a landmark of radical turn in glorifying for eternity the ever-victorious history and tradition of the glorious WPK and giving steady continuity to the revolutionary cause of Juche, the cause of building a thriving socialist nation. [...]
The latest Haveil Havalim is a landmark of radical turn. (HH 284 also gave steady continuity to the revolutionary cause.)

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