Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MPAC-UK thinks Isreallycool illustrates that Zionists are "up in arms" about the Lauren Booth conversion

"Pro-Zionist sites are up in arms" they declare, with a link to this. They continue:
The level of hostility and the personal attacks on Lauren are quite disgusting.

Don’t be surprised though. Zionism teaches supremacy over others who do not subscribe to its corrupted way of thinking.
A number of commenters point out that Zionist sites are not "up in arms" so much as just making fun of her. I, for one, am disgusted at the reprehensible bigotry shown by my fellow Zionist bloggers to Booth and other transfidels. Make amends, Aussie Dave! Wish Booth an Eid Mubarak--or at least a Hosni Mubarak. Where's your sense of Abrahamic solidarity?

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