Friday, March 09, 2012

Angry Arab on protest against Israeli mental health expert

Here are the essentials from Ynet:
Hundreds of Jordanian students rallied outside Amman's University of Jordan on Thursday in protest of a scheduled lecture by an Israeli expert at a mental health conference.

The protesters demanded that Dr. Gideon Anholt's lecture be canceled and called on authorities to expel the Israeli ambassador from Jordan and cancel the 1994 peace treaty. [...]

Dr. Anholt told Ynet he was smuggled out of the university by security guards. "The protesters handed out flyers expressing outrage over the participation of Israeli occupiers in a Jordan conference," he said. "As things heated up security officers eventually had to take us out the back door." [...]
According to the article, Anholt hopes to return anyway, and AA comments:
Look. After he was kicked out, he still thinks that he can return. Wait: no, tell him to return. I think it should be a good idea for him to return. Jut ask him to notify us about his day and time of arrival so that students can meet him and escort him. Yes, return, come to think of it. How many humiliations before the Zionists figure out that they are not welcome in our lands?
Got that? A "Zionist" is someone of a certian religion who arrived in the world via a delivery room in, say, Haifa. AA, like other Arab writers, sometimes pays lip-service to the idea of Mizrachi Jews returning to Arab countries. I would read this post as a gloss on those statements. More on this incident from EOZ.

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