Friday, March 16, 2012

Huffpo: Supreme Leader "Willing to Make Negotiations Succeed"

Most of the evidence for the claim made in the post title seems to consist of internal developments with no apparent connection to nuclear negotiations. For instance:
In addition to hinting at the West, Khamenei is preparing Iran's domestic arena for negotiations. Internal factors have always influenced the Islamic Republic's nuclear policies, and despite the marginalization of pro-reform forces, rifts within the conservative camp are running deeper as factions struggle over political and financial resources. It is clear to both the P5+1 and Khamenei that factional infighting adversely affects nuclear negotiations -- as recent history shows. For this very reason, Khamenei is trying to present an image of a unified Iran vis-à-vis the world.
It just sounds like a dictator consolidating his power to me. Another development that is supposed to mean that the future is bright for nuclear negotiations is the reappointment of Rafsanjani to the Expediency Council.

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