Saturday, March 10, 2012

"National grid separates Iran's internal networks from internet" (ISNA-Iran)

This is not so clear, but it sounds like an attempt to limit ordinary Iranians to a government-filtered internet:
Iranian Communications Minister Reza Taghipour said internal networks would be separated from internet by launching national information network.

"Internet can be used inside Iran as well as national information network for general use and reception of that kind of data not available in the national network," Taghipour told ISNA.

"Internet in its essence is an unsafe network, it will be changed to a safe network for the electronic government's exchanges through launching the national grid and using locally-made software," he added.

The issue of security would be resolved through running the national network, Taghipour said adding the national information network needs all-out cooperation of the public and private sector, since it will not work like internet at the beginning.
Why would it need "all-out cooperation of the public and private sector" it it is just a security system for government communications?

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