Monday, June 11, 2012

Angry Arab channels Helen Thomas

Failure to notice that Israel is home to most of the descendants of the Mizrachi Jews--about half of its population--is rampant in the Arab world, where the popular imagination has all Israelis stemming ultimately from Germany and Poland--I call it "Helen Thomas Syndrome." Angry Arab, who seems to be a walking illustration of the various syndromes, gives us a classic example today. This is actually a meme by itself: the "Israel stole felafel" meme. His post is called "terrorists and thieves" and here is the text:
I mean, they stole Palestine why would they not steal the region's cuisine and claim it as "Israeli"?
The word "Israeli" includes a link to this article about an Israeli restaurant in Philadelphia. Hmm, let's see, about half the ancestors of the present Israelis lived in the Middle East until a few generations ago. Among the big concentrations of Jews in the world, why would Israelis have the most Middle Eastern cuisine? Why, they must be "thieves"! Hatred, as I've observed before, is the functional equivalent of stupidity. (By the way, Angry Arab has mentioned "Arab Jews" on his blog. I guess they were obligated to leave their cuisine behind along with all their property when they fled their formerly native lands.)

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