Sunday, June 03, 2012

"Kaesong City, Seized with Festive Mood" (Korean News)

Who knew that such heights of human happiness were possible?
Kaesong City, adjacent to the Military Demarcation Line, has been put in an ecstasy of joy with appointments of delegates to the celebrations of the 66th anniversary of the Korean Children's Union. Hwangbo Su Hyon (43), father of Hwangbo Song (11), a delegate to the celebrations, told KCNA:

"I am a special-class disabled soldier. My family has enjoyed benefits from the Party and the State.

And, this time my daughter, Song, was appointed a KCU delegate. I can hardly express my feelings now. Such loving care will become a memory to be shared by my family through generations."

Kim Myong Gwang (13), a student at Koryo Secondary School, said in tears:

"I am not an orphan for I regard the dear respected Kim Jong Un as my own father."

An officer of the Korean People's Army, Kim Chol Ung, father of Kim Ung (10), a pupil at Manwol Primary School, said:

"Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un inspected the military outpost in Panmunjom I was standing guard in March this year and showed deep trust in our service personnel.

And, my son is to go to Pyongyang as a KCU delegate to the celebrations. Now I feel my family has got all blessings."

Farmers Ri Wan Song and Kim Pong Sil, father and mother of Ri Jin Du (11), a student at Panmunjom Secondary School, said that they would work harder to boost grain output, inspired by their son's appointment as a delegate.
Any maybe be allowed to eat a little of the grain . . .

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