Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Iran, Syria, Hezbollah to Unite against Israel in Case of Attack on Syria" (Fars News-Iran)

Even if Israel is not the hypothetical attacker?
Iran, Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement will open a united front against the Zionist regime of Israel in case of any foreign military intervention in Syria, an influential Lebanese figure warned on Wednesday.

Addressing a group of Tunisian youths, Nasser Qandil, a former lawmaker, dismissed foreign military strike on Syria as impossible.

"Direct or indirect intervention in Syria is impossible since Iranian and Syrian leaders as well as the leaders of Hezbollah have decided to open a front against the Zionist regime (in case of any military intervention in Syria)," Qandil stated.

He described Syria as a key to the revival of the West's lost role in those Arab states of the region which have experienced a revolution in the last two years, saying that the US-led West can take back power and control in such regional Arab states if only it succeeds in toppling Bashar al-Assad's government.

In October 2011, a member of the Hezbollah fraction at the Lebanese parliament lauded Syria's role in the resistance front against Imperialism, and cautioned that Hezbollah has all options on the table to respond to any possible threat to Syria.

Speaking to FNA, MP Hassan Hoballah described Syria as a "stronghold" and a main pillar of resistance against imperialism in the region.

He said that developments in Syria affect the whole region, and stressed that the Lebanese resistance movement (Hezbollah) cannot sit silent if Syria comes under attack by enemy states.

"In case this member of the resistance front is given a blow, all contingencies and options will be on the table," Hoballah stated.
Somehow I don't think that Syria is the big issue between Israel and Iran.

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