Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Jibril Terms Iran 'Palestinian Nation's Strategic Hope'" (Fars News-Iran)

What happens to all this once there is a sort-of Sunni Khomeinism ruling Egypt? Who knows:
Secretary General of the People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine Ahmad Jibril in a meeting with Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili praised Tehran's spiritual and material support for Palestine, and described Iran as a strategic hope for the Palestinian nation.

"Iran is the Palestinian nation's strategic hope," Jibril said during the meeting in Tehran on Sunday.

He pointed to the Zionist regime's concerns about the increasing power and potentials of the Muslim world, and said, "Certain powers' pressures against the Islamic Republic of Iran indicate that regional developments and the spreading domain of the Islamic Awakening have increased the Islamic Republic of Iran's capabilities against the US and the Zionist regime."

Jalili, for his part, referred to the regional developments and Islamic Awakening in the region, and said popular uprisings in the region and the collapse of such dictatorial regimes as Hosni Mubarak in Egypt have pushed the Zionist regime to its weakest position now.

Jalili in relevant remarks in January had stressed that the Islamic Awakening sweeping the Middle-East and North Africa has changed the balance of power in favor of the Muslim world.

Jalili made the remarks, referring to revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and popular uprisings in Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

He also noted that the Islamic Awakening in the region must be used against the hegemonic policies of the United States and Israel.

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