Sunday, June 17, 2012

Was my comment blocked at Loonwatch?

A recent post at Loonwatch appears with the following title and subtitle before you click on the link to "Continue Reading":
Annual Report: Zero Civilians in U.S. Killed by Islamic Terrorism… Just Like Every Year Since 9/11

You're more likely to be crushed to death by your T.V. than killed by terrorists.
I quoted the part beginning "You're more likely . . ." and commented as follows:
You can’t compare an event brought about by deliberate human action to a random event such as a freak accident. Let’s say the Rolling Blokes haven’t released a new album for 2 years. That doesn’t mean the likelihood of a future album is leas than that of a freak accident happening to a Loonwatch reader.
My comment appears to have been blocked. It appeared on my computer for a number of days with the message "Your comment is awaiting moderation," and now I don't see it at all. I might as well refine the comment a bit. I suppose you actually can compare the probability of any two events. But you can't assume that the probabilities of the two events are calculated the same way if one is brought about by human planning (and against the efforts of someone trying to thwart the planning) while the other possible event is the result of other factors, generally unplanned ones. The example of the possibly upcoming Rolling Blokes album still stands. I am not going to comment further on the possibility that I was censored. That speaks for itself.

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