Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MENL: Pals get "advanced anti-Tank weapons"

As I have said before, we may be seeing the end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as we have known it since Israel may need to do something militarily decisive just to survive:
Israel has determined that the Palestinian Authority received Russian-origin weapons capable of changing the strategic balance in the region.

Officials said the Hamas-led PA has received a range of advanced anti-tank missiles that could significantly threaten the Israeli military in any operation in the Gaza Strip. They said the missiles could also target civilian and military sites inside Israel.

"The Palestinians have received dozens of the anti-tank missiles that were used by Hizbullah in the Lebanon war," Shalom Harari, a senior consultant to Defense Ministry, said. "These are weapons that break the strategic balance."

Officials cited the deliveries of AT-14 Kornet anti-tank missile to the PA. The missile has a range of 5.5 kilometers and high level of accuracy.

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