Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today at IRIB: "Zionists enslave Russian women," "American people march against Bush," and "Mottaki, Mashaal discuss Palestine."

The featured item is the following:

"American people march against Bush":
Thousands of protesters marched against the Iraq war and the government of President George W. Bush on Saturday in Los Angeles and San Francisco, just days ahead of crucial congressional elections.

In Los Angeles, some 2,000 demonstrators rallied in Hollywood chanting anti-war slogans.

Anti-war activists, Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, was also attended the demonstration.

Several hundred people also marched in San Francisco, a bastion of liberal anti-war sentiment, local news media reported.

In Chicago, a group of anti-war demonstrators fanned out across the city with bull horns, banners, leaflets and petitions.

The protests come just ahead of crucial November 7 midterm elections, in which opposition Democrats may take control of the America's Congress from the governing Republicans.

The growing opposition to the America's presence in Iraq has yet to translate into massive street protests.
I sometimes listen to Air America out of morbid curiosity, and they were complaining about the dearth of media coverage for these protests. What more could they want than IRIB! Next:

"Mottaki, Mashaal discuss Palestine":
Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and Head of Hamas Political Office Khaled Mashal in a meeting in Damascus Sunday underlined that the problems of the Palestinian nation can only be solved through unity and national consensus.

At the meeting, which was held at Iranian Embassy in Damascus, situation of the region, in particular the occupied territory of Palestine, were discussed.

Mashal expounded on the views of the Hamas government about his country's developments and said that various types of ploys including siege, incitement of hues and cries as well as isolation used to undermine the determination of the Palestinian nation have failed.
Right, the "hues and cries" strategy needs some tweaking.
He added that Palestinians' resistance has made all the parties involved in the issue to take a reasonable approach towards the Palestinian nation.

"Despite the growing pressure, we will not shirk our responsibility towards people, given that we have been elected by their votes," he said.

Mashal referred to resistance as the only option for the Palestinian people and said that Hamas is determined to thwart all conspiracies aiming to make all Palestinian groups entangled.

For his part, Mottaki welcomed the agreement reached by Hamas and Fatah on halting clashes between the proponents of both sides and said that the vigilance of the Palestinian nation is precious.

He reiterated the need and high importance of the consciousness of Palestinian groups vis-a-vis the Zionists' new mischievous acts in the region.

Turning to the fact that the Palestinian people have been subject to the West's great pressure just on charge of voting in favor of Hamas, the minister said, "The performance of West in Palestine in the post-election period proves the absurdity of its claim on supporting the freedom of voting and its dual standards in facing the demands of world nations.

The Iranian minister said that resistance is the only way to campaign against foreign forces.

"The present conditions of the region is quite different from the past decades and the victory of Palestine resistance movement has been a blessing for the regional Muslims and has resulted in the vigilance of Islamic Ummah," he said.

Mottaki assured Mashal that Iran will continue its political and spiritual support for campaigns of the Palestinian nation.

The meeting was attended by Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, Iran's Charge d'Affaires Ghazanfar Roknabadi and some members of Hamas.

The Iranian foreign minister arrived in Damascus on Saturday night and immediately met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to submit the message of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to him.
Saving the best for last: "Zionists enslave Russian Women":
Zionist mafia bands kidnap every year more than 10,000 women and young girls in Russia and transfer them to the Zionist settled areas of the 1948 occupied Palestine for abuses and slavery.

Zionist mafia bands who have great influence in Russia promise the Russian women and girls about high-pay jobs in the occupied areas and take them out of Russia via this seducive promise.

These miserable women are transfered either via faked marriage companies to Tal Abib (dubbed by the Zionist regime as Tel Aviv after 1948 usurpe) or illegally through deserts of Egypt on foot.

Witnesses say a lot of these unaware girls can't bear the harshness of drought Egypt's Sina Desert and die, while those who reach the destination half-dead are abused and tortured by the Zionist bands or in better words the real highwaymen of the 21st century.

They are then recruitted for most indecent works without receiving anything.

Zionist dealers pocket from 4,000 to 10,000 dollars for every of the so called woman huntings.

Shocking reports say that the sole way of rescue for these miserable women is to pay 50,000 dollars in cash to their criminal owners.

"If these women flee or refer to the police, they will be killed by the Zionists or will be totally handicapped for the rest of their life in jail in order that others take some lessons", the reports added.

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