Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Maureen Dowd's mind works

The column in which this occurs is eloquently scathing about Edwards for the most part, but what's with the following?
For some reason, super-strivers have a need to sell what is secretly weakest about themselves, as if they yearn for unmasking. Edwards’s decency and concern for the weak in society — except for his own wife. Bill Clinton’s intellect and love of community — except for his stupidity and destructiveness about Monica. Bush the Younger’s jocular, I’m-in-charge self-confidence — except for turning over his presidency, as no president ever has, to his Veep.
If that whets you appetite for insanity, check out the latest Carnival of the Insanities. If you want something more on the sane side, try the latest Haveil Havalim at Simply Jews.

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