Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Seminar on Juche-oriented Literary and Art Idea Held"

In which "all creators and artistes" are assured that the road to success involves "thoroughly arming themselves with the WPK's literary and art ideas and theories."
A seminar of the Juche-oriented literary and art idea on the orchestra and chorus "Snow Falls" was held on Thursday.

Speakers at the seminar said that the orchestra and chorus "Snow Falls," a combination of Korean-style orchestra, chorus and modality, is a monumental masterpiece in the Songun era as it perfectly embodied the Workers' Party of Korea's Juche-oriented literary and art idea of creating and representing famous songs listed as national treasures as peculiar ones as required by the developing reality.

They explained on how the above-said performance brought about a new phase in creating music pieces in the era of Songun by successfully representing in the form of orchestra and chorus the original tune of the song "Snow Falls".

The most important success in its creation is that it made the song loved by the people shine as a famous one worthy of a national treasure by applying the method of music representation that can help bring the ideological contents and artistry of the original tune of the song to the highest level, they noted, and went on:

The above-said orchestra and chorus has been arranged in such a manner as to ensure their profound philosophical contents and wide-ranging representation. This can be explained by the fact that the creating staff succeeded in finding out Korean style modality by use of diverse means and methods of representation. To be more specific, the creators found out the core of the famous song and oriented all its aspects to explaining its seed. They were successful in the musical plot and organization of its composition. They also succeeded in finding out the tune deep in national coloring by preserving the original tune as the main tune in the music arrangement and combining national musical instruments with Western ones.

They stressed that the above-mentioned orchestra and chorus has been produced as a masterpiece that can represent the era of Songun, the new century, entirely thanks to the energetic leadership of Kim Jong Il.

They underscored the need for all creators and artistes to produce more masterpieces in the Songun era by thoroughly arming themselves with the WPK's literary and art ideas and theories and earnestly learning from the success and experience gained in the creation of the above-said orchestra and chorus. [...]
The need to produce Juche-oriented blog carnival masterpieces of the Songun era is undersocred by the latest editions of Haveil Havalim and Carnival of the Insanities.

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