Friday, August 15, 2008

IRIB: "The entire people of Israel are the militia force for the Israeli government"

Here is a fairly long burst of invective directed at the Zionist entity with further denunciation of Rahim Mashai's attempt to exempt ordinary Israeli Jews from Iranian hatred:
Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Sayyed Ahmad Khatami Friday considered the Zionist regime's threats out dated and ineffective, while warning Tel Aviv if they would stupidly make slightest mistake, Iran's response would drive them crazy.

Tehran's interim Friday preacher addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers at central campus of Tehran University referred to the anniversary of Lebanese Hezbollah's victory in its 33-Day War on the usurper Zionist regime, adding, "That war proved that the enemies of nations live at glass palaces that are instantly breakable when faced with might of nations and their resistance."

Member of the Leadership Experts Assembly reiterated, "The enemies cannot resist in confrontation with a nation whose weapons are "Allaho-Akbar" , "Ashoura" (the day when the third Imam of Shiites Imam Hossein (PBUH) attained martyrdom), and `Heyhat Mena zzellah' (Imam Hossein's (AS) saying on the day of his martyrdom: Alas! We would never yield to living wretched lives)."

He added that the authenticity of this claim is proved due to the fact that the the Zionist's army that was once regarded as the world's fourth strongest armed force was defeated in confrontation with a resistance force armed with divine beliefs. He noted, "They must have taken lessons from that event, if they are wise enough to do so."

Khatami said, "The wretched and mean Israeli figures had better realize that constant and everyday threatening of Iran would lead them nowhere, since such threats are both outdated and ineffective." Addressing the Zionist officials, he added that nations have got used to such threats.

He ridiculed that Zionists, who were unable to defeat a resistance force, are now after threatening and confronting a system that is thanks God in its best possible military readiness and will upon lightest intriguing move of the enemy respond with strongest and most effective reply.
It will respond militarily to intrigue? That's interesting.
"You definitely cannot do so." The senior Alim said the 33-Day War totally annulled the regional equations and made America and its oppressor rulers forget `the Greater Middle East' phrase for good. That victory was the victory of faith and strong belief, and the victory of blood over sword...".

The Leadership Experts Assembly member reiterated, "Is there any necessity under the current conditions of the country for some of our executive officials to speak of friendship with the Israeli nation, and to add that the American nation are the top most people in the field of mass communications?"

He reiterated, "Principally, this is an incorrect claim, since we do not recognize a people called the Israeli nation, being certain that the only nation living in occupied lands is the Palestinian nation. Besides, those are the people of Israel that back up their government. The entire people of Israel are the militia force for the Israeli government, i.e. they are commissioned with the task of assisting their government upon outbreak of any war."

The interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran added, "Under such conditions, why should someone here say we are friends of the Israeli people? Never! We neither recognize the legitimacy of the occupier regime of Holy Qods, nor are friends of the people of Israel."

He said, "Since this comment has had wrong international reflection, the person that has uttered it must immediately take back his words and to beg the great Iranian nation to pardon him for this inappropriate stand taking, rather than saying that I would repeat it thousand times. Repeating a mistake a thousand times equals making a thousand mistakes. What kind of reasoning is that?"

Khatami added, "The Islamic system's policies and fundamentals are clear. No single member of this mature nation permits anyone to say a word against fundamentals of foreign policy defined by the late Imam (Khomeini - P), and the Leader of the Revolution in the capacity of an official of the system."
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