Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's about time for Journalist Day in Iran

Has it been a whole year since last Journalist Day in Iran? Reporters Without Borders called Iran "the Middle East’s biggest prison for journalists and bloggers," so I hope they're giving those imprisoned journalists the day off from, well, whatever it is they do to them in prison. After all, "the current age is the age of communication":
Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said Wednesday that in today's world one cannot lead a deliberate life without the media because it is widely known that the current age is the age of communication.

Speaking at a ceremony to commemorate Journalist Day (Aug 7), he hailed martyred correspondents and congratulated those involved in journalism today.

"Given the heavy responsibility they shoulder, media persons, especially reporters, should encounter adversities with broad minds," he said. Larijani further said that diversity and involvement in different crises are among the features of journalism.

Describing some complaints against the media as natural, he said that what is important is that the journalists should move within the framework of their main mission. "Since the media have become an integral part of human life, that's why we are in need of competent, dynamic and well-known reporters," he said.

"We should be well aware of modern requirements in the field and that's for the same reason that holding scientific educational course is essential," the Majlis Speaker noted. Stating that promoting awareness in the society is depends on high knowledge of media persons and reporters, he also said that officials should give value to them and accept criticisms.
They could point out that certain officials don't clap hard enough at the Supreme Leader's public appearances, for instance.

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Update: Soccer Dad points out that Iran just hung a journalist.

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