Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's Journalist Day in Iran!

Iran Daily's title is "Role of Journalists Appreciated." That should remind us that Iran is so overflowing with appreciation for journalists that Reporters Without Borders called it "the Middle East’s biggest prison for journalists and bloggers":
Vice President Mohammad Aliabadi hailed the role of journalists in the society, referring to them as a link between the people and officials.
How's that for a Mullahcrat definition of the journalist's role?
Speaking in a ceremony held on the eve of ’Journalist Day’ (August 8) in Kashan on Monday, Aliabadi added that journalists should be honest and powerful, and create a safe climate in the society, IRNA reported.

“Honest journalists will make the society unsafe for those who try to endanger it,“ he said, noting that journalists are the open eyes of the people.

Meanwhile, the presidential advisor for media affairs, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, said the mass media and journalists should move in pace with the nation, praising journalists for playing a significant role in society.

“The role of journalists and those working in media is determining,“ he said, adding that people’s confidence is the main asset of the mass media.

Javanfekr urged the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as well as the Iranian media to help overcome problems in the field of press activities.

“The promotion of the present status of Iranian media to reach the point where it would have the last word in the international arena is crucial,“ he said. [...]
Rooz News is getting into the Journalist Day spirit with the headline "Rooz Journalists on Way to prison."

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