Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nasrallah: "The West tried to separate the Arabic homeland to smaller parts and it was happened"

Nasrallah speaks for all "freedom seekers" and essentially describes the map of the Middle East as a giant Western plot. From IRIB, although the mangled English (even by IRIB standards) suggests it was taken from somewhere else:
Secretary General of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah underlined that the West's goal was isolation of the Resistance, so they focused on religious and tribal conflicts.

"They tried to pretend that this victory was for a certain party or tribal but as I said in August 2006, the victory belongs to all of Lebanese people, all Arabs and all of the Muslims and freedom seekers around the world," Nasrallah said.

"The West wants to sow the seeds of discord among us. This is their plot. When we fight each other, they will succeed and we will defeat," he added.

"We said that we were fighting as representative of Islamic Ummah. If we were defeated in that war, it would have affected the fate of Palestine, Syria, Iraq and even Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt," Nasrallah said.

"If the Resistance had been failed, Jordan would have changed into the everlasting residence for Palestinians and the Saudi Arabia would have been separated," he revealed.

"We nipped the new Middle East plan in the bud, Nasrallah said, warning that "they want to revive it again."

Pointing to remarks of the World Zionism founder, Teodor Hertzel that had said" we should establish common wealth union in the Middle East in which the 'Jew state' has an active role," Nasrallah warned all of Lebanese and Arabs about Zionists' old plot.

"The West wanted to carry out two plots. First, they planned to make a powerful human shield to separate the Arab countries in west of the Suez Canal from those in eastern part of the Canal. Second, they wanted to make the Suez Canal, enemy of the regional nations. So they established 'Israel' in line with the mentioned goals, he added.

"The West tried to separate the Arabic homeland to smaller parts and it was happened," Nasrallah said.
Those who think the Palestinains are a historically distinct nationality should take note.
"America tried to establish some states in the region to put them in permanent religious and racial enemity. It wants to make the Zionist regime the gendarme in the region," Nasrallah warned.

"We (Islamic Ummah) should be vigilant. We should recognize priorities and resist against the plots with unity and solidarity," he added. [...]
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