Saturday, August 18, 2007

IRIB: "Muslim discord has foreign roots"

This speech is getting some coverage from non-Iranian sources. Here it is straight from the Mullah's mouth:
Division among Islamic world has external roots and is created as a result of enemies presence and interference in regional affairs, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the Fourth Ahl-ul-Bait General Assembly, he said: "Islam is a complete truth which is partly seen in Judaism, in Christianity and in other divine faiths."

Criticizing the present division among different divine religions, the President said: "The present world is going through one of its most sensitive historic periods as we are witnessing massive, quick and various changes."

The international equations are rapidly changing in favor of justice and against falsehood," stressed the President.

Referring to the position of arrogant powers, he added the Western arrogance started deploying its forces worldwide following the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

President Ahmadinejad said the American invasion of Iraq and its occupation as well as massacre of defenseless people of Palestine and Lebanon were clear examples of America and the Zionists crimes against humanity.

Noting that the enemies were trying to sow discord among Muslims, the President said: "Despite all these efforts they (enemies) are caught in a quagmire from which they would hardly find a way out."

Stressing that nobody believed in the American-style democracy worldwide, President Ahmadinejad said: "No one supports the world arrogance's war-mongering policies."

"They (arrogant powers) have even failed to implement a true Liberal-Democratic system in their own countries," criticized the President.

Noting that Zionism was the pioneer of Western-style Liberal Democracy and the vanguard of occupation and aggression worldwide, he said, "The Zionist regime is the flag of Satan."[...]
More of Ahmadinejad's remarks: "President warns about man-made religions":
Enemies are trying to replace Islam and Christianity with misleading man-made schools of thought by sowing discord among divine religions, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday morning.

Addressing the opening ceremony of The Fourth Ahl-ul-Bait General Assembly, he said, "Misled groups with the least knowledge of Islam have been equipped by enemies during recent years to disgrace Islam by killing Muslims in the name of Islam."

"This is the same logic of the hegemonic system," stressed the president in his address to participants of the two-day gathering from over 100 world countries.
"The same logic of the hegemonic system"? Is this just bad English? Deliberate vagueness?
He stressed the necessity of maintaining unity and solidarity by Muslim nations and urged the participating Muslim scholars to protect souls of "the faithful whose hearts are prepared to accept the call of divine religions and prophets."

"We are not only responsible for world Muslims," said the president, "but also our duty is far beyond that," said the president.

He stressed, "People of the world are fed up with inefficient man-made schools of thought in addressing problems facing the world nations."

People of the world dislike the existing situation despite all abrications and concealing of the facts on the part of world arrogant powers," President Ahmadinejad added.[...]
I guess that word is "fabrications."

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