Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reuters: Japan mourns failure of Great Pearl Harbor Peace Initiative

Just trying to add some perspective:
Japan marked the 62nd anniversary of Hiroshima's atomic bombing with a solemn ceremony on Monday as the city's mayor criticized the United States for refusing to give up its nuclear weapons program.[...]

In a speech followed by the release of 1,000 white doves into the sky, [Hiroshima Mayor] Akiba singled out the United States for failing to halt nuclear proliferation.

"The Japanese government, which has the duty to work for the abolition of nuclear weapons through international law, should protect its pacifist constitution which it should be proud of, and clearly say 'no' to antiquated and wrong U.S. policies."

The crowd bowed their heads for a moment of silence as two children rang the Peace Bell at 8:15 a.m., the same time the Enola Gay B-29 bomber dropped the bomb on the western Japanese city on August 6, 1945.[...]

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