Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This invulnerable mode, this orbit, this banner, this Songun

How is this Rodong Sinmun editorial different from all other Rodong Sinmun editorials? Good question.
Songun politics is the fundamental guarantee for the independence of the country and the nation and the most powerful weapon for successfully promoting the human cause of independence, declares Rodong Sinmun in a signed article Monday.

It goes on:

Songun politics is an invulnerable political mode.

The invincibility of Songun politics has been unequivocally displayed in the reality of the DPRK.

The Korean revolution was pioneered and has won victories on the orbit of Songun from the early days and it is advancing along the road of Songun today.

No one dare provoke the DPRK advancing under the uplifted banner of Songun. It is because the DPRK pursues Songun politics that it does not waver under any circumstance. No matter what anyone may say, the DPRK is accelerating the triumphant advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche, the cause of building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation through Songun politics.

The practical experience of the Korean people and the historical review of the Korean revolution show that Songun politics is the life and the future of the country and the nation and that the advance under the uplifted banner of Songun is a sure guarantee for winning the victory of the popular masses' cause of independence in any storm and stress of history.

A bright future is in store for the Korean revolution and the human cause of independence as Kim Jong Il is leading the Korean people to victory and powerfully promoting the world revolution with his outstanding Songun revolutionary leadership.

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