Thursday, August 09, 2007

IRIB: Chavez's Vice-Chief say America heap big Yankee imperialists

Now there's someone entitled to speak for Native Americans, and what better press to report on this than Iran's:
Venezuelan Vice President, George Rodriguez Gomez, said on Wednesday that the American civiliztion which introduce itself as a supporter of democracy, has been stablished on the bodies of innocent original people in the American continent.

Rodriguez made the remarks in an international gathering of American continent's original people in Venezuela.

He described poverty, genocide and war as the only results of the American civilization for these people in the continent.

"We don't want such a civilization. We hate culture of warmongering, exploitation and genocide," he added.

"We also like heros of the original people will resist against such a civilization."

The first gathering of American continent's original people is underway in Venezuela. Chiefs of Indian tribes from 22 American countries are participating in the gathering.
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