Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ACN: "Fidel Castro Awarded Cuban Press Dignity Award"

There hasn't been such a great day for humanity since Kim Jong Il won the International Kim Il Sung Prize!
The Cuban Journalists Union (UPEC) granted President Fidel Castro the Prize to Dignity for his exceptional merits and his work in favor of the Cuban press.

In a ceremony held at the UPEC's headquarters, the president of the organization, Tubal Paez, said Fidel embraces in himself the dignity of all Cubans, of the country, and of humanity."
Shame on all the Imperialist vultures circling and waiting for him to kick the bucket!
Paez said Cuban journalists have been encouraged by the work of Fidel and Raul. For that reason they decided to give the award to the Cuban President, he said.

Other reporters receiving the prize were Nicolas de la Pena Rubio; Tomas Alvarez de los Rios and Nydia Sarabia Hernandez, for their service to the Cuban press and the Revolution, reported Granma digital Tuesday.

The ceremony was presided over by Alberto Alvarino, deputy head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party's Ideological Department; Ernesto Vera, President of Honor of the Latin American Journalists Federation; and other UPEC members and reporters.
Do you think Chavez and Ahmadinejad will congratulate him? I can't wait!

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Update: Castro's award is garnering other blog reactions.

Update: Soccer Dad points out that Jeff Jacoby wrote the following a few months ago:
Freedom House gives Cuba its lowest possible rating for civil liberties and political rights, placing it with Burma, North Korea, and Sudan as one of the world's most repressive regimes. Hundreds of political prisoners are behind bars. Among them, writes Carlos Alberto Montaner in Foreign Policy, are "48 young people [imprisoned] for collecting signatures for a referendum, 23 journalists for writing articles about the regime, and 18 librarians for loaning forbidden books."

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