Thursday, August 02, 2007

IRIB: "Saudi links Muftis' Fetwa to Zionists"

Nice title. It surpasses the story, which attributes a claim about the Fatwa to "Zionists":
Minister of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabi Iyad Madani on Wednesday strongly dismissed issuance of any Fatwa (religious order) by Saudi muftis on demolishing Iraqi holy shrines.

Speaking in a meeting with Iranian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Hosseini, the Saudi minister said "No such Fatwa has ever been issued by any of the Saudi muftis or its senior religious figures."

"Such claims are definitely made by Zionists and enemies of Islam," Madani stressed.

Earlier this week, Nahrain Arabic-language site had reported that demolishing of Muslims' holy shrines in Iraq had taken place upon a permission made by Saudi muftis.

The report provoked strong protests inside IRI.

The Saudi minister said immediately after protests of IRI's Shiite religious figures, he had inquired Saudi's prominent religious circles and individuals about accuracy of the report.

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