Thursday, August 02, 2007

Veggie Kassams!

One of the Ynet titles for this article calls them "Peace Missiles." I'm not sure I buy the idea that this is a peace gesture, not that everything has to be a peace-gesture, mind you.
A number of Israelis from the Tel Aviv vicinity drove south and fired improvised missiles towards Gaza, in an effort to raise awareness of the difficult situation in Sderot.

The group used a projectile-launcher built by Yahav Michaeli - a stunts and pyrotechnics expert - to lob organic eggs and vegetables towards Beit Hanoun.

"The idea was to draw attention to what's going on with a little bit of humor, because we thought it could relieve the pressure a little," said members of the group . . .

"The shooting was amazing, some of the vegetables flew whole over to the Strip, we actually spotted the eggs flying into Beit Hanoun and the thought even crossed my mind that some day, we may be able to make Arabic salad here, a salad of peace" . . .
Developing . . .

Update: Another volley of vegetables was evidently fired overnight at Beit Hanoun. Joint responsibility was claimed by the Izzadeen Al-Vegan Brigades and Organic Jihad.

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