Thursday, August 16, 2007

IRIB: "Clergyman urged using 'Allah' instead of God"

Sometimes it is interesting simply to see what shows up on the Iranian radar screen, so to speak. Can a Judeopundit really object to the idea that Semitic languages have advantages over Germanic ones?
A Christian clergyman called for using the Arabic word of "Allah" instead of its English equivalent "God."

According to al-Shargh al-Awsat daily, Tini Muskinos, bishop of Brida church in the Netherlands said that "the Arabic word, "Allah" is more beautiful and better than its English equivalent.

The 71 year old clergyman who has lived in Indonesia for a while added "Indonesian people use the Arabic word of Allah instead of its English equivalent and I aked myself why we shouldn't use it in Europe."

The clergyman, now is waiting for the answer of Vatican to his call.
Let's not get carried away.

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