Sunday, August 24, 2008

PalPress: Hamas attacks university, tears up martyr pictures

"Hamas lawless militias" is an example of common phrasing in these stories. Another one begins "Hamas lawless ousted government said . . .":
Hamas lawless militias stormed today at noon campus of Al Azhar university in Gaza Strip.

Fatah's Spokesman Fahmi Al Za'reer confirmed the story and said that Hamas does not respect the sanctity of the Palestinian universities and specifically conducts periodic incursions into Alazhar university in attempt of lowering the spirits of Fatah youth students.

In a related context, Fatah's Spokesman confirmed in a released press statement which PalPress received a copy of that Hamas affiliated lawless militias have been conducting abductions against directors and teachers who committed to the strike which was announced earlier by the Teachers' Union on the background of protesting against the measures taken by Hamas against them.

Students and eye witnesses said that Hamas militias stormed the campus of the university and beat students and employees, they also tore up pictures of martyrs and pictures of the Late President Yasser Arafat which were hung on the walls, additionally clashes broke out between students and members of these militias, the matter which resulted in several injuries.

The witnesses added that students Mohammed Zakout and Ahmed Abu Nahel were known among the injured, others were nabbed including Mahmoud Al Absi and Fouad Sha'ath members of the Students' Union.

They added that Hamas militias broke windows of the science department building and a number of windows inside the neighboring buildings.
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