Sunday, August 17, 2008

PalPress: "Hamas police chief is a thief, double agent, and involved in collaborating with the Mossad"

Nicely lurid:
Palestinian security sources revealed the black history linked to the name of Tawfiq Jubber, Commander of Hamas affiliated police in Gaza Strip and the one involved in the implementation of torturtures and suppressions against Palestinian citizens under commands of Hamas leadership in the coastal Strip.

The sources mentioned grave information which revealed the involvement of Jubber in collaborating with the Israeli security services, and that Jubber was dismissed under instructions issued by the late President Yasser Arafat in the year 1997-1998.

"Jubber cooperated with Israeli parties and collaborators who fled the Palestinian territories in the establishment of projects worth millions of dollars in Romania", the sources said.

Regarding his history, the sources pointed out that Jubber took part in robbing the Central Bank of Lebanon and was known in Lebanon as the "Nice Bank robber", adding that he was famous for his relation with the Israeli intelligence and that he was sent outside Palestine with others sent to study abroad in order to spy on Fatah and the Palestinian Liberation Organization .

The sources resumed:"Jubber came from Gaza to Lebanon in the year 1976 and was nabbed at Lebanon's central security headquarters "Abu Al Hol" for collaborating with Israel, he remained in prison for a long time until he was recruited as a double agent.

Jubber was famous for taking bribes, prostitution, and blackmails, he ran a prostitution network during the year 1996 and he was on contact with the Israeli intelligence at the same time, amongst the names of Israeli officers whose Jubber's name was related to:Shamolik, Dan and Ofer.

The sources pointed out that Jubber made use of the names of more than 300 Palestinian merchants and caused them to be added on the black list at Egypt's security systems on claim of "security reasons", he later blackmailed them in return for lifting these entry preventions at Egypt border entrances.

Tawfik Jubber is currently working as a commander for Hamas affiliated police in Gaza Strip , taking into account that during his work with Hamas he resumed embezzling and blackmailing the families of the abductees inside Hamas jails, however these scandals were kept secret .

It is worth telling that disputes arose between Jubber and Abu Obeida Al Jarrah where the latter slapped him on his face and the issue was later resolved and kept secret.

The sources confirmed that Jubber will not be able to deny the above mentioned information.
Cute phrasing.

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