Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Iran, an invincible, uncapturable castle - Ahmadinejad"

Some mouth-foam. Note all the metaphors: "absolute darkness . . . encompassed the entire world" before Khomeinism came along. Blood is bearing fruit. Aggressors are threatened with hand severing:
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Wednesday by grace of God, Islamic Republic has turned into an invincible, uncapturable castle, under such conditions that aggressor powers' front keeps suffering defeats one after another.

According to IRNA's dispatched presidential affairs reporter to Zahedan, President Ahmadinejad who was speaking on Wednesday afternoon to families of martyrs and war disabled veterans of Zahedan added, "Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution an absolute darkness had encompassed the entire world and even in our country if someone was after purification (of his soul) and (implementation of) divine values he would have been ridiculed."

He pointed out that under those conditions that the more oppressor one was, the higher his status would have been, late Imam Khomeini hoisted the flag of Imam Hussain's movement.

Ahmadinejad further reiterated, "We praise Allah that the Iranian nation in this era hoisted the flag of Imam Hussain (P), turned into faithful followers of that infallible Imam, and presented to the mankind the model of living in accordance with his guidelines." Elsewhere in his address, the IRI President referred to the humiliating defeat of the Zionist regime two years ago in Lebanon in the course of the 33-Day War, in confrontation with a group of young, pious Muslims, adding, "Today, every freedom seeking nation in the world would beyond doubt confirm that their model has been the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic of Iran's martyrs, war disables and freed prisoners of war."

Ahmadinejad added, "Today, by grace of God, the pure blood of martyrs is bearing fruit and the situation is changing in favor of the followers of Imam Hussain (P) globally."

He said that the name of the Iranian nation and or martyrs shines like a sun in the world, serving as the light of hope and a reliable supporter of entire world nations.

The Iranian president said, "The secret of our victories is to be sough in our choice of paving the path laid before us by Imam Hussain (P), and that is the divine path we would keep paving, which is definitely the only path (towards salvation)."
Ahmadinejad said that thanks to the brave resistance of the Iranian nation, the enemies are today both incapable of, and hopeless for launching an attack against our land, knowing that if they would intend to violate Iran's rights anywhere in the world, this nation would face them more resolutely and more mightily than ever before, severing the hands of the aggressors."

Elsewhere in his address President Ahmadinejad referred to the eventful Ashoura Day (on which Imam Hussain - P - and 72 of his disciples were brutally martyred) and Imam Hussain's uprising as a great university for the entire mankind, arguing, "This university is for all those people seeking greatness for themselves in the first place, and the peaks of grandeur for the entire mankind in the second place."

Pointing out that enrollment at that university and studying till highest levels there is open for the public, he reiterated, "Grandeur, gallantry, piety, sleflessness, nobility, and humanity are the topics of the curriculum at the university of Ashoura and the school of Karbala, and those lessons are planned in accordance with the realities of the universe."
Is there any other way?

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