Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Rodong Sinmun on Complicated Mideast Situation"

(North) Korean News had a more specific pro-Hamas article yesterday, but this one is Juche-ier:
Many shocking incidents not be overlooked by the international community happened in Mideast countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Pakistan and Palestine last year due to the deep interference of the United States in the region.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in a signed article.

Citing facts to prove that such incidents took place in the above-said countries due to U.S. aggression and interference last year, the article goes on:

The Mideast situation last year proves that in order to defend the sovereignty of each country and nation and peace of the region it is necessary for them to build up their own strength and achieve unity and solidarity in the struggle to contain the U.S. imperialists and their allies and isolate and weaken them.

This also clearly testifies once again to the fact that the U.S. policy of aggression and interference is the root cause of all misfortune and disasters and the U. S. imperialists are the incarnation of all evils.

The article stresses the need to enhance the spirit of independence against imperialism and working class consciousness and fight against the aggression forces to the end with strong mental power.

All the people of the world desirous of independence should direct the spearhead of the struggle for independence against imperialism and for peace to the U.S. imperialists and exert all efforts for checking and frustrating their high-handed and hegemonic policy, the article notes, emphasizing that the struggle of the peoples in the region to frustrate the U.S. aggressive strategy toward the Mideast and achieve peace and stability of the region is sure to triumph.

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