Sunday, January 04, 2009

Islam Online on what the goal is

According to a headline "ticker" at Islam Online, Hamas is claiming to have captured two IDF soldiers. This story reveals that the US is trying to "deprive the Palestinian groups from their resistance tool"--oh no!
With home-made rockets are the only available tool for the Palestinians in Gaza to defend against Israeli attacks, the United States and allies are seeking a ceasefire that would eventually deprive the Palestinian groups from their resistance tool.
Can't have that.
"The United States is leading diplomatic efforts to achieve a meaningful ceasefire that is fully respected," US president George W. Bush said in a radio address on Saturday, January 3.

"Another one-way ceasefire that leads to rocket attacks on Israel is not acceptable."
Another interesting bit:
Egypt said Friday that it was in contacts with Hamas officials to return calm in Gaza.

Mubarak earlier said that Egypt would not open the Rafah crossing until the Palestinian Authority and European monitors return to Gaza.

"(The crossing agreement in 2005) gives Israel the right to monitor the crossing," he has said.

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