Sunday, January 04, 2009

Some Gaza links, inane and sensible

First some propaganda and inanity:

IRIB Radio is claiming that 9 Israeli soldiers were killed, chas veshalom. Another claim: "Hamas forces have surrounded two Israeli Special Forces units in the strip."

Press TV claims "Depleted uranium found in Gaza victims." (Dont't tell FireDogLake)

What's with the London Times lately? "Israel's stupidity" has broken Michael Lerner's heart. Yet again, we see the "Israel has a right to respond but only with a ceasefire" meme.

Someone at Daily Kos worries that the Gaza offensive is ruining Obama's prospects to be "president of the world":
Israel has closed the noose. Obama is trapped and the Israelis are doing to him what Jesse Jackson wanted to. They are not taking chances.
Yemen Times reveals that Israel was "biblically known as Palestine."

Nasrallah explains: "What has Been Achieved in Gaza is a Victory to the Resistance and a Failure to Israel"

And now the Sensible Party:

Jack's round-ups are up to 8.5

Jules Crittenden has a "Roundup from the Ground Up."

The latest Haveil Havalim is up! The latest Shiny Happy Dhimmi is up!

Right Truth had a "Sunday Morning Israel and Gaza Round-Up"

Snoopy the Goon has a "Random Selection" on Gaza.

Martin Kramer analyzes "Israel's Gaza Strategy."

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