Sunday, January 04, 2009

Power Line on Gaza deaths

John Hinderaker offers an interesting statistic and a good question:
The Palestinians that Hamas admits to murdering amount to around 10 percent of the total number reported killed since the Israeli offensive began. It's reasonable to assume that these acknowledged victims of Hamas are included in the Gaza death totals that our press outlets report so breathlessly. What the real number of such victims is, of course, we have no idea.

Of all the thousands of "humanitarians" who have demonstrated against Israel's effort to defend itself, are there any who care that many of the deaths and grievous injuries that have occurred in Gaza were inflicted not by Israel, but in cold blood for political purposes by Hamas?
Meanwhile, pro-Hamas pundits are also asking questions. Angry Arab New Service asks:
If Palestinians were to bomb synagogues would the New York Times accept claims that they are "weapons stores"?
Does this hypothetical scenario include any information about whether the claim is true or not? Just wondering.

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