Friday, April 28, 2006

North Korean call for racial purity?

From (North) Korean News:
A strange farce to hamstring the essential characters of the Korean nation and seek for "multiracial society" is now being held in south Korea. In this regard Rodong Sinmun today runs a signed commentary, which censures the farce as an unpardonable bid to negate the homogeneity of the nation, make south Korea multiracial and Americanize it. To deny the peculiarity and advantages of the homogeneous nation now that dominationism and colonialism are posing a threat to the destiny of weak nations is a treacherous act of weakening the spirit of the nation, the commentary says, and goes on: The south Korean pro-American traitorous forces advocating the theory of "multiracial society" are riffraffs who have not an iota of national soul, to say nothing of the elementary understanding of the view on the nation and social and historic development.

If the homogeneity of the nation is not kept, the nation and the destiny of individuals cannot be defended from the U.S. dominationist moves and the attempt of the Japanese reactionaries for invasion of Korea, which is revealed in their claim to Tok Islet, cannot be checked.

The theory of "multiracial society" is a poison and anti-reunification logic aimed to emasculate the basic idea in the era of independent reunification. The anti-national logic is advocated in south Korea, contrary to the aspiration of the fellow countrymen. This is ascribable to the criminal attempt of the pro-American elements including the Grand National Party to make the north and the south different in lineages, block the June 15 era of reunification and seek the permanent division of the nation and the manipulation of the U.S. behind the scene.

The commentary calls upon the people from all walks of life in south Korea to decisively reject the anti-national moves of the sycophantic traitorous forces to tarnish the lineage of the Korean nation and obliterate it, bereft of the Juche character and national character.
Gotta hang onto those Juche genes. More on North Korea.

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You know you've made it in the blogging world when you get a denial of service attack originating in Saudi Arabia

I want one, too.

IRIB: "Zionists dissatisfied with Olmert"

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
A Majority of people under Zionist regime's reign are already disappointed in Prime Minister designate Ehud Olmert, even before his new coalition government takes office, an opinion poll revealed Friday.
Can you imagine their being allowed to write "Israelis" instead of "people under Zionist regime's reign"?
Fifty-five percent of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the composition of the new government, following the conclusion of coalition deals between Olmert's Kadima party, the centre-left Labour and Pensioners Parties.

Only 39 percent said they were satisfied. Another 51 percent of the respondents were displeased with Olmert's performance regarding the formation of government, with 37 percent claiming satisfaction.

Furthermore a staggering 76 percent said they thought it was wrong to appoint Labour Leader Amir Peretz as "defence" (war) minister, as intended by Olmert, compared to a paltry 21 percent who said they thought it was right.

The survey appeared in the mass-selling Yediot Aharonot newspaper and was carried out by an independent institution based on a representative sample of 500 people and carrying a margin of error of 4.5 percent.
This is fairly interesting, but a really interesting story would be how Iranians honestly feel about Ahmadinejad. We won't ever see that at IRIB.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

How likely is it that this is true?

I would guess that it is not very likely, but sometimes I wonder if I should be living in Los Angeles. From G2 Bulletin by way of Jihad Watch:
Hamid Mir, the only journalist to interview Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in the wake of 9/11, has confirmed that al-Qaida has obtained nuclear suitcase weapons from the Russian black market, that the weapons were tested in Kabul in 2000 and that may have already been forward deployed to the United States . . . .

Mir said that he met with an Egyptian engineer last week who had lost an eye after one of bin Laden's nuclear tests in Kunar. The Pakistani journalist said that the encounter with the engineer greatly disturbed and depressed him since it provided further assurance that a nuclear nightmare for America is about to dawn.

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Ex-Grand Wizard or Colossal Wombat or whatever he was Robert Byrd threatens President with Impeachment

Author of commentary on the Megillah and senile ex-Klansman Robert Byrd again shows that he is the true voice of the American people. From Newsmax:
In a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, former Ku Klux Klansman, Sen. Robert Byrd, pledged to put President Bush on trial in the Senate if the House impeaches him.

Addressing the president in absentia, Sen. Byrd began by warning that Congress retains all its original powers under the Constitution.

"You better read that again in the Constitution," Byrd said, declaring that the Senate's powers include "serving as a court of impeachment.

"You better believe it, Mr. President," Byrd continued. "The Senate can send you home. You better believe that."

IRIB: "Lebanon remembers Qana massacre"

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
Thousands of Lebanese children marched through the streets of Beirut on Thursday armed with doll rockets to mark the anniversary of the Zionist regime's massacre 10 years ago.
Hmm, doll rockets. Is that like a doll stroller?
The ceremony was organized by Lebanese popular resistance party Hezbollah.

Rows of boys wearing military fatigues and red berets marched with mock Katyushas resting on their shoulders in memory of a the occupying regime's bombardment on Qana in southern Lebanon that martyred 105 people.

See this on the so-called "Qana massacre." Tags: , ,

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ahmadinejad vs. Satellite TV

Ahmadinejad is evidently afraid that Iranians will be exposed to alternative views of the Grateful Dead. From Al Arab:
The Iranian parliament is examining a bill presented by deputies close to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad which bans satellite television for private citizens.

The draft law provides for fines of up to 5000 euros for offenders. Saiid Abutaleb, the member of Parliament who drafted the reform, on Monday presented the bill to the media. Under the measures, which Parliament is to discuss in the coming days, private citizens who own a satellite dish have three months to get rid of it once the bill becomes law.

Offenders will be liable to fines of up to 5,000 euros, which most Iranian families can't afford given that the average salary amounts to less than 200 euros a month. Only public institutions and some associations will be allowed to own a satellite dish.

Companies importing and selling satellite dishes and receivers to citizens who are not authorised to own them will receive fines of 50 thousand euros and their goods will be seized.

The government will use revenues from fines for the "fight against the West's cultural offensive," said Abutaleb.

The draft law allows companies to broadcast some foreign television channels provided they have obtained the government's permission. Television channels broadcasting from abroad in farsi will be banned.

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Mehr goes way off the deep end: "War on terror is elite mind control"

More conspiracy theories than you can shake a stick at, courtesy of Iran's Mehr News Agency:
This blueprint was laid out long before Sept. 11, 2001. The official story of that tragedy doesn't bear scrutiny.

There was no wreckage at the Pentagon. Explosives demolished all three buildings. U.S. "leaders" are accomplices to the murder of over 3000 Americans and the destruction of an American icon. The plan is to fold the U.S. into a "world government" controlled by London-based central bankers. The U.S. cultural, economic and political elite is complicit in the ongoing cover-up.
Skipping the bit about the assassinations of Kennedy and MLK, from later in the article:
To bring the picture up to date, add the murder of Princess Diana, Columbine, the blowing of the levees in New Orleans, the burning of Black churches, and the bird flu scare. What we have is an ongoing secret war by the central bankers against society, a drumbeat of psychological torture designed to keep society off balance and zoned out.
Now to my favorite, quoting Jim Keith:
"An FBI internal memo from 1968 mentions the employment of the Grateful Dead as an avenue 'to channel youth dissent and rebellion into more benign and non-threatening directions.' (They) performed a vital service in distracting many young persons into drugs and mysticism, rather than politics."
They're coming to take them away, ha ha.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A-Z Meme

I was tagged by Ezzie before Pesach.
Here goes:

Accent: Circumflex
Booze: Yes, thank you.
Chore I hate: Maintaining the machine guns in my Aston-Martin
Dogs/cats: Not currently. And not having cats stunts your chances for blogger success.
Essential electronics: Refrigerator
Favorite perfume/Cologne: Asaparagus Rendezvous
Gold and Silver: Is that a law-firm?
Hometown: Queens, but grew up in the south. That answers the accent question also.
Insomnia. No way. Sleep deprivation.
Job Title: Pundit
Kids: Four
Living Arrangements: Yes
Most admired trait: Someone once described me as "very fastidious but
not at all boring."
Nusach: Ari, but you knew that.
Overnight hospital stays: I don't think so.
Phobia: None that I know of. I am very afraid of the word "deplane."
Quote: "Everyone is colored; otherwise you would't be able to see them"--Captain Beefheart
Religion: Lubavitch
Siblings: No
Time I usually wake-up: Varies
Unusual talent: I play air triangle
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Okra ("Call any vegetable and the chances are good the vegetable will respond to you.")
Worst Habit: Quoting Zappa?
X-rays: I once saw David Lindley perform. He discovered that "everything is reggae" long before Matisyahu did. That could also be the quote.
Yummy foods I make: Fried rice. Haven't made it lately.
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

I tag Arianna Huffington.

Juche Bash

From (North) Korean News:
An evening gala of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces was held at Jonsung Square on Monday to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the heroic Korean People's Army. Present there were Kim Yong Chun, chief of the KPA General Staff, leading officials of the ministry and KPA servicepersons.

Officers and men of the KPA presented a sea of dances with deep trust in and reverence for President Kim Il Sung, founder of the revolutionary armed forces and leader Kim Jong Il who is opening a new era of building a great prosperous powerful nation with his Songun revolutionary leadership.

The participants danced to the tune of songs "Song of KPA ", "Our General Is Best", "Worthwhile Days of Soldiers" and so on.
Really leibedik.

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I thought the Palestinians objected to Holocaust commemorations nowadays . . .

IDF soldiers detained Monday a terrorist planning to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel.

The would-be bomber was nabbed near the community of Adam, north of Jerusalem, without his explosive belt, which he was supposed to receive later on. Security officials later told Ynet: "A terror attack on Holocaust Day or the next day was prevented."
(Hat tip: LGF) David Kelsey will appreciate the irony.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Linkim 4/24/06

Martin Kramer has an outstanding post on the "Israel Lobby." And see
Kramer's "Linkage" for the latest adventures of Juan Cole.

Haveil Havalim 66 is up.

AbbaGav notes that "Ahmadinejad Celebrates Holocaust Remembrance Day"

Soccer Dad asks "What about Mengistu?"

Islam Online has a reader forum discussion of the Dahab blasts. Some of the posts blame you-know-who.

Hitchens weighs in on Mary McCarthy.

Debbie Schlussel is excercised about a gym.

Life-of-Rubin notes the passing of the Satmar Rebbe and links to several news stories.

Hamshachas Halinkim 4/25/06: Steven Plaut notes that "At Tel Aviv University, Holocaust Remembrance Day [was] Marked by Solidarity with Iran and Suppression of Free Speech." (h/t: Martin Kramer)

DovBear on Satmar succession.

The Elder is indefatigable.

Shiloh Musings on "The Core of Post-Zionism"

Spain delivers a knock-out blow to species-ism. (h/t: LGF)

Tehran Times: "Iran and Sudan, two pillars of the Islamic world"

I couldn't resist the title:
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir arrived in Tehran on Monday for talks with high-ranking Iranian officials.

Al-Bashir’s visit to Tehran indicates the significance both Iran and Sudan attach to solving the problems of the Islamic world.

Due to its vast area (over 2.5 million square kilometers) as well as its abundance of natural resources, Sudan has always been a target of the colonial powers.

Sudan offered thousands of martyrs in order to gain its independence, and its lengthy confrontations with the colonial powers have given the country a special status in the field of nationalist struggles.

Later, Sudan’s struggles became a model for Arab and African countries. The colonial powers can still remember the bitter taste of their defeats in Sudan in the 19th century.

Although the colonialists have long since withdrawn from Sudanese territory, their conspiracies against the Muslim Sudanese nation continue. For example, many analysts believe their intrigues brought about the war in southern Sudan, whose inhabitants were previously not separatist.

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That'll teach them to not sell us lulavim . . .

Retired General Salah al-Din Salim, an Egyptian researcher at the Strategic Studies Institute in Cairo, said that it could not be ruled out that the Israeli Mossad was involved in the terror attack in Dahab.

"The Mossad's ability to penetrate the Bedouins in Sinai is known," Salim said in an interview with al-Jazeera. (Roee Nahmias)
(Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon)

Update: In a related story, the Mossad has evidently also established control of Cynthia McKinney's microphone.

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One of those days when IRIB is bound to be interesting

IRIB is the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting site. Let's see, how about this one: President slams EU anti-Semitism:
President Ahmadinejad Monday accused western governments of being anti-semitic and said such an anti-semitic policy by western governments forced the Jews to leave the west and come to Palestine.

He told reporters ahead of his speech at a press conference that the Jews are just like the other people of the world. They are entitled to lead a free life with security.

President Ahmadinejad addressed himself to western governments and said, "let the Jews come back to their own homelands in the west."
Nice of him to pretend that Sephardim don't exist, which is not to say that Israeli Ashkenazim feel much of a tie to Europe either. Here's another one: "President urges West to follow faith":
President Ahmadinejad asserted that the ongoing crisis in the Middle East is a sequel to the world war perpetrators whims.

He then touched on the current tragedy in the occupied lands of Palestine and asked why Middle East people must pay for the the world war crisis.

Ahmadinejad said that IRI respects followers of all divine religions despite anti-Semitism in the Europe during the World War Two led to faking the Zionist regime and pushing Jews to the occupied lands.

"Jews are rightful to live their life whenever they like," he said.

"Era of weponization is over"

"No real crisis in region"

"Today is era of wisdom"

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mehr News: "Punishing the Palestinians"

From Iran's Mehr News Agency:
The Tel Aviv regime has embarked upon a series of vicious and barbaric moves aimed at destroying the democratically elected Hamas, which now constitutes the Palestinian Authority, and at punishing the Palestinian people. In perpetrating its diabolical plans, it has been aided and abetted, directly and indirectly, by the United States government and the European Union.
The "democratically elected Hamas." It is amazing that every Arab and Muslim non-democracy in existence is trumpeting this as if it is the ultimate "gotcha" point.
Since the Hamas electoral victory, Tel Aviv has suspended the transfer of 55 million U.S. dollars in tax revenues it collects for the Palestinians --- money that rightly belongs to the Palestinians--- thus depriving the Palestinian Authority of much needed cash to pay salaries to its employees and to maintain basic services. One Israeli bank, Bank Hapoalim, has stopped the transfer of money to the Palestinian territories. This means that many Palestinian families will not be able to receive money from abroad anymore. The Tel Aviv regime has also closed the Karni checkpoint, choking off the flow of goods to parts of Occupied Palestine. At the same time, the Israeli navy is denying fishermen in Gaza access to their fishing grounds which, needless to say, has dealt yet another severe blow to the livelihoods of thousands of Palestinians.

Not content with these brutal and inhuman measures, the Israeli army has begun pounding suspected launching pads of Qassam rockets and in the process has killed dozens of Palestinian civilians, including three children. It has once again unleashed the state terror for which it is notorious. It is this that has prompted the principled Israeli journalist Gideon Levy to ask, ‘Who is a terrorist?’
He asked this in the pages of Ha'aretz, evidently, judging from a large number of pro-Palestinian blogs. This one, for instance. (The absence of a proper link to the original is a nice touch.)

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BBC takes statements by Hamas and Sudan at face value

This item is entitled "Bin Laden call falls on deaf ears."
A call attributed to Osama Bin Laden for Islamic holy war in Sudan and other Muslim states has been disowned by the Sudanese government and Hamas.
Does it occur to the BBC that the call actually fell on very attentive ears but that it is not good diplomacy to say so openly?

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IRNA: "Mossad assassination plot sheds light on Israel nature: Asefi"

From Islamic Republic News Agency:
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi here on Sunday said the Mossad's plot to assassinate Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed the "terrorist nature" of the Zionist regime.

The April 22 edition of the Israeli daily Haaretz quoted the Zionist officials that the Mossad is plotting to assassinate Ahmadinejad.

Asefi made the remark in his talks with domestic and foreign reporters.

Asked about Iran's reaction, the spokesman said, "Prior to Iran's response, the United Nations Security Council and the international community should give response."

He urged the international community and bodies not to keep mum about the news.

Asefi, however, said, "The news was not shocking to us because Iran knows the Zionist regime's nature very well.
Is this what Asefi is talking about?

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AP: Bin Laden Promotes Sudan Genocide

As the AP puts it:
Osama bin Laden issued ominous new threats in an audiotape broadcast Sunday, saying the West was at war with Islam and calling on his followers to go to Sudan to fight a proposed U.N. force.
This isn't quite the usual image we get of Bin Laden. Consider the photo that accompanies the story:

There is something in the leftist mind that views this kind of picture and grows a little wistful. Sure, Bin Laden is a bad guy, and if we were in power he would be captured by now, but look at that pious Madrassa bochur expression on his face. Surely he is just a gentle religious scholar who was somehow fated to fight the Big Satan and the Little Satan. Surely we did something to get into this mess. Perhaps there was some international conference and the Saudi Ambassador was seated next to the Israeli Ambassador by mistake. Oh well, here is Bin Laden calling on his followers to help make the genocide go more smoothly. Isn't he quite the large truckload of Yak droppings--despite the nice publicity photos?

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Islamic Thinkers Rally

An Islamist Group called the "Islamic Thinkers Society" demonstrated outside the Israeli consulate in Manhattan Thursday chanting slogans such as "Israeli Zionists What do you say? The real Holocaust is on its way." They were evidently celebrating the recent Murderdom operation in Tel Aviv. This has been covered by a number of bloggers, including Michelle Malkin and Daniel Pipes. The Counterterrorism Blog (note their new address) now links to video of the event. All I would add is that I hope the FBI is tapping a bunch of phones.

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For What It's Worth

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

I wonder what the "logical intelligence" questions were. Judging from the scores, I got three of them wrong, two of the "general knowledge" questions wrong, one "verbal intelligence" question wrong, and all of the mathematical questions right. I am assuming there were four questions in each category.

(Hat tip: Princess D'Tiara)

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Daily Times (Pakistan): North Korea accuses US of forging own currency

Here I am back from the planet Pesach. Speaking of other planets . . .
North Korea has charged the United States with counterfeiting its own currency and shifting the blame to Pyongyang, adding artists with “blood-shot eyes” in Japan are making cartoons attacking Pyongyang’s leaders.

A spokesman for the Ministry of People’s Security said in a statement the North had obtained “shocking evidence” Washington and Tokyo are producing false material that gives the impression Pyongyang is a criminal state, the North’s KCNA news agency said late Wednesday . . . .

The North Korean spokesman said the US Central Intelligence Agency had enlisted the help of artists in Japan to produce and distribute video tapes and CDs that falsely accuse North Korea of violating human rights and conducting illicit activity.

“The CIA and plot-breeding organisations in Japan are working with blood-shot eyes to produce animation files aimed at attacking the DPRK,” the report said.

North Korea’s public security ministry has arrested foreigners accused of working for the CIA and other foreign agencies, a ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.
Update: A more direct source.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Have a Kosher and Joyous Holiday!

That's all until after Pesach.

LA Times: "Prius Backlash"

I hate carpool lanes, and I liked the idea of letting hybrids drive in them. The more cars can drive in the carpool lane, I reasoned, the closer we come to a normal lane. So this is an interesting development:
When California allowed solo occupants of hybrid cars to use carpool lanes last year, many thought they were merging onto a narrow strip of car culture heaven.

But increasingly, hybrid owners say they feel like the victims of road rage.

Carpoolers accuse them of driving too slowly in order to maximize their fuel efficiency, and of clogging diamond lanes that were once clear.

Hybrid motorists even have a term for the ill will: "Prius backlash."

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

(North) Korean News: "the spirit of suicide bombing"

This stuff never ceases to amaze me. The actual article title is "Korean Army and People Called upon to Glorify Songun Era":
The self-reliant national defence power of the DPRK has been remarkably strengthened. The whole army is replete with the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and all the servicepersons are reliably defending the country and socialism in the spirit of readily becoming human bombs, the spirit of suicide bombing. It has modern offensive and defensive means capable of coping with any war, the trait of attaching importance to arms prevails in the whole society and the all-people and nationwide defensive system has been firmly established. No force on earth can pounce upon the DPRK.

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That would be emigration . . . .

Quoth Tikkun Magazine:
Passover is a holiday commemorating immigration. Why, then, aren't more of us speaking up forcefully for immigrant rights?
(Hat tip: Jewschool)

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Linkim 4/9/06

Haveil Havalim 65 is up. Highlight the text if you have trouble reading yellow against blue.

Captain's Quarters closes a case.

Judeosphere on a "Progressive opinion" about "The Israel Lobby." (h/t: Simply Jews)

Islam Online on "Rethinking Islam"

Mystical Paths gets "practical" about the Korban Pesach.

Divrei Chaim on the "Sunday before Pesach"

Jewish Worker on Kiddush Pesach night

Arab News: "Journalist Detained for Internet Remarks"

Lazer Beams on teaching martial arts to children

Isreallycool uncovers "ISM Support of Terrorists - In Print."

More Linkim 4/10/06: Soccer Dad on the "Semantics of peace"

AbbaGav asks "What Hoaxes WOULDN'T Fool Reuters?"

Mehr News: "Iran laments human rights situation in U.S."

From Iran's Mehr News Agency:
In a press release on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry announced that the United States is not in a position to judge the human rights situation in other countries.

The U.S. has a very reprehensible record on human rights and democracy, the press release read.

“With a total of 5,180,000 instances of criminal violence annually, it has the world’s number one position in regard to the number of prisoners…”

The Foreign Ministry statement also pointed out that there are numerous racially motivated murders in the U.S.

“A total of 37 million people in the U.S. live in poverty, and systematic efforts are underway to institutionalize racism and put pressure on immigrant minorities.

“Telephone conversations are tapped by the FBI and CIA, and both organizations have access to personal e-mails. The U.S. administration controls the media with the Pentagon distributing reports to television networks.

“Elections are too costly and far from democratic standards. For instance, more than $100 million was spent on the municipal elections in New York.

“Presidential elections are rigged. And the most regrettable fact is that, by establishing various prisons in Europe and other parts of the world, U.S. President George W. Bush has lowered the position of U.S. president to the level of jailor.”

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Who is the good cop again?

Some Fatah-affiliated militias were behind the
latest wave of rocket attacks on Israel, hoping to draw Israel into launching a massive military operation in the Gaza Strip that would eventually bring down the new Hamas cabinet, Hamas officials claimed on Sunday.

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Reuters: "Zimbabweans have world’s shortest life expectancy: WHO"

I mentioned Robert Mugabe for the first time on this blog a few days ago. Here is something that adds perspective to the earlier post:
Life in Zimbabwe is shorter than anywhere else in the world, with neither men nor women expected to live to 40, World Health Organisation statistics showed on Friday. The WHO’s World Health Report for 2006 said the average life expectancy in the AIDS and poverty-stricken country was 36 years - less than half of the 82-year life span in Japan, which lies at the top of the table with San Marino and Monaco. The report used the latest data from 2004. Last year’s report, based on 2003, put Zimbabwe’s average life expectancy one year higher at 37. Women in Zimbabwe were the worst-off in the world, living an average 34 years, down from 36, the WHO data showed. Male life expectancy was 37 years, unchanged from 2003. Zimbabwe’s HIV infection rate has actually fallen in recent years to around a fifth of the population, apparently due to increased condom use and a reduction in sex partners, giving rare encouragement to a country battling its worst economic and political crisis since independence in 1980. But the population of some 12.5 million still has one of the world’s higher HIV prevalence rates, and more than half the infections and deaths strike women.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Relevant" Seder Watch

From Jewish News of Greater Los Angeles:
David Abel, co-founder of the Jewish Television Network and editor of the managed-growth newsletter The Planning Report, along with his wife, architect Brenda Levin, leads a political Passover liberation seder in their Griffith Park home. They invite as many as 40 guests — a group that reflects the diversity of Los Angeles — Russians, Latinos, Hungarians, Ethiopians, East Indians, Chinese, Armenian, South American and more. Early on Abel asks guests to tell where their grandparents are from.

“This is to show that everyone is sort of an immigrant with a history,” he says.

As the seder progresses, guests read aloud from dozens of excerpts Abel has compiled, including poetry, letters, texts and even NPR audio clippings that “show that this struggle to move from slavery to freedom is a universal aspiration,” he says.
Political correctness is a sort of slavery.

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Daily Times (Pakistan): "Israeli policies will spark new war: Abbas"

He would describe the current situation as "peace"?
Israel’s unilateral plan to impose final borders in the West Bank will lead to another war in a decade, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview published on Saturday.

Abbas told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will jeopardise the prospect of long-term peace if he refuses to negotiate an agreement Palestinians see as just.

“The Israelis say: ‘OK, we’ll impose a unilateral solution’ - which means that they will postpone, delay ... and they will not solve the problem,” Abbas said in Gaza City in an interview with several European and North American newspapers.

“After 10 years our sons will feel it is unfair and they will return back to the struggle,” he added.

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IRNA: "Palestinian politician hails Iran's role in defence of Muslims"

From Islamic Republic News Agency:
Iran is considered a frontline in the defence of Palestinian rights and those of the Islamic ummah, a Palestinian official said here Saturday.

The upcoming international conference in support of Palestinian rights in Tehran is of great significance given the current complex situation, Palestinian National Campaign Front Secretary-General Khalid Abdul-Majid told IRNA.

The conference, dubbed `Qods and Support for the Rights of the Palestinian Nation', is scheduled to be held in Tehran on April 14-16 upon the initiative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.

Palestinians have always longed for peace and stability since they came under the grip of the occupiers and arrogant powers at the beginning of the 20th century, Abdul-Majid added.

He also blasted the indifference of Arab countries towards the plight of the Palestinians, saying "some Arab heads of state have been in collusion with America and Israel against the Palestinian nation."
"After the signing of the Camp David Agreement by Cairo and Tel Aviv in 1978, the Palestinian nation has had real support only from the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

Participants in the upcoming conference in Tehran should make use of the opportunity to get together to pressure governments to give more financial and spiritual aid to the Palestinians, he suggested.

He urged Islamic countries to form an information network to support the Palestinian resistance against the occupying Zionist regiem.

Defeating the `Greater Middle East' Initiative of the US and Zionist regimes requires cooperation among all countries in the region, he concluded.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Honest Reporting: "'Homemade' Rockets?"

Commenting on the term "homemade" in an AP article:
The word "homemade" is a strange term to use. These rockets are manufactured in industrial areas or have been transported across the porous Gaza-Egyptian border. While Qassam Rockets are not the most sophisticated military weapon, they do require both expertise and dedicated locations to manufacture. Although the Palestinians have located many of the Qassam "labs" within residential areas, the notion that these are some type of "homemade" devices is misleading.
Homemade rockets, just like mom used to make!

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IRNA: "Defense minister: Iran ready for joint military exercises with regional states"

I have suspected all along that recent Persian military bravado is directed at Arab states as much as it is at the West:
Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad- Najjar said on Thursday that the most significant message of the recently conducted 'Holy Prophet (PBUH)' war game was 'peace and friendship' for the neighboring states.

The Iranian armed forces are ready to conduct any joint military war games with any of the Persian Gulf littoral states to remove any probable misunderstanding and concern, said the minister.

Iran is ready to sign non-aggression pact with the Persian Gulf states to prevent trans-regional powers from misusing current situation in the region, said the minister.
Hmm, "non-aggression pact," now where have I heard that phrase before?

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IMAO: "Iranian Missile Command"

(Hat tip: Instapundit)

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Weekly Standard on Apostasy Laws in the Muslim World

Read the whole article, but here is the part about Iran:
In the 1990s, the Islamic Republic of Iran used death squads against converts, including major Protestant leaders, and the situation is worsening under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The regime is currently engaged in a systematic campaign to track down and reconvert or kill those who have changed their religion from Islam.

Iran also regards Baha'is as heretics from Islam and denies them any legal rights, including the right to life: There is no penalty for killing a Baha'i. On March 20, Asma Jahangir, the United Nations special rapporteur on religious freedom, made public a confidential letter sent on October 29, 2005, by the chairman of the Command Headquarters of the Iranian Armed Forces. The letter stated that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei had instructed the Command Headquarters to identify Baha'is and monitor their activities, and asked the Ministry of Information, the Revolutionary Guard, and the Police Force to collect any and all information about them.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Linkim 4/5/06 explains chrain. has an editorial and comment thread about Rachel Corrie.

Jameel at The Muqata explores "Mars & Venus on Erev Pesach Cleaning."

AbbaGav describes a "new PETA Campaign."

On The Mainline presents Semitish.

The Jewish Worker describes "The next government of Israel."

Elder of Ziyon uncovers the ultimate Jewish conspiracy.

Martin Kramer thanks Bill Frist.

Israel Matzav flags an article on Al Qaeda in Israel.

Blog in Dm has a music-related "Link Dump."

SerandEz have the latest of many "Blog Roundups."

Eric the Unread notes some "distinctions" in a university course on terrorism.

More 4/6/06:

I'm Haaretz Ph.D. on the Boro Park riots.

Debbie Schlussel on Jill Carroll (h/t: Protein Wisdom) "Wal-Mart's dirty secret is out"

Israpundit insists "There Was No Referendum in Israel"

Austin Bay on White House "leaks" (h/t: Instapundit)

Captain's Quarters: "Saddam Ordered Suicide Attacks on U.S. Targets"

Daled Amos has links, and Soccer Dad has an "If . . . you must."

The NY Times clarifies some points about the BP riots. (h/t: Town Crier)

The Hill: "Senate Dems to pursue new strategy on abortion"

Take a minute and guess what the "new strategy" might be before you read this.
The Senate Democratic leadership says it has found a wedge issue to strengthen the party’s position on abortion rights, which top strategists think has become a liability in recent years.

The wedge is legislation expanding access to contraceptives and sex education, which polls show a majority of Americans support but which Democrats are betting will be difficult for social conservatives in the Republican base to accept . . .

The Prevention First Act is sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), one of few congressional Democrats considered anti-abortion. The bill, which Reid introduced at the start of the Congress, has the support of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), presumptive front-runner in the 2008 presidential primary and 21 other Democrats.

The bill would prohibit group health plans from excluding contraceptive drugs, devices and outpatient services if they cover the cost of other prescription drugs and outpatient services. It would also require the secretary of health and human services to disseminate information on emergency contraception to healthcare providers and require hospitals receiving federal money to provide emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault.
See, we're not pro-abortion! (Hat tip: Daily Kos)

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Al-Jazeera Mugabe Interview: "Human rights here are better than those of the United States"

I didn't realize he was 82.
"Human rights here are better than those of the United States. We never ran a system of slavery here," he said.

"Look at what happened in New Orleans. When you had Katrina... what did Bush do? He just folded his arms, and the people were drowning and dying."

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IRIB: "World will be better without Zionism"

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
The newly elected president of the Moslem Judicial Council of South Africa (MJC) says that "Palestine and the world in general, will be a better place without Zionism".

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Ml.Ihsaan Hendricks said that the MJC as the leading Moslem organization in South Africa, recognize that "the Zionists are the occupiers of the Palestine".

"We, who within the South African context, have rejected apartheid, similarly express ourselves vise vies [sic] the Zionist occupation," he said.

Denouncing the policies of the Zionists in ignoring the realities of the Palestinian politics, especially following the victory of the popular Palestinian Islamic Resistence [sic] Movement, Hamas in the late Palestinian elections, Ml. Hendricks underlined that "it is not the Zionist's right to dictate the terms to their victims".

The president of MJC also criticized the Western powers for not crediting Hamas for its victory in the elections inside Palestine, saying that, by doing so "they have fallen short in appreciating the very democratic principles that they celebrate so mush [sic] in the West".
See Elder of Ziyon for more about those democratic Hamas folks.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What is going on in Borough Park?

Life-of-Rubin is giving this a lot of coverage. See Yeshivah World, Voz iz Neias, Crown Heights Info, and Chaptzem Blog also. Speaking as a Chabadnik and a Ba'al Teshuvah who lives in Los Angeles, I am clueless about this stuff. I have no idea why this is happening.

IRIB: "IRI launches flyer boat in wargame"

From Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
Islamic Republic of Iran Tuesday test-launched a flyer boat in the Persian Gulf waters.

The futuristic boat was tested during an ongoing massive wargame which Iran has launched in the Persian Gulf waters since Friday.
I wonder how the concept of a "flyer boat" differs from that of a "seaplane." Didn't they have those in WWI?
The military boat was designed by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps which along with Iran's Army Naval forces and Basij organization forces are holding the marine wargame.

The high-speed boat which has a rare maneuvering power is capable of missions everywhere in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, the scope of the massive wargame.

The radar-evading flyer has such a design that it capably embarks on different missile firing with a highly accurate aiming, even on move.
The Islamic Revolutionary Linguistic Guards have also developed a new form of English.
The domestically-built boat possessed by few countries has been made by experts of Iran's Ministry of Defence.
From Al-Jazeera on the same topic:
The US has expressed concern at the military exercises, but believes that Tehran is likely to be exaggerating its weapons capabilities.
Update: More here. (h/t: Power Line) And more.

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Expatica: "Penalise educated stay-at-home women - PvdA"

This is just bizarre:
The Dutch Labour Party (PvdA) has proposed recovering part of the cost of study from highly-educated women who decide not to seek paid work.

MP Sharon Dijksma, deputy chairperson of the PvdA's parliamentary party, believes the punitive measure is needed to stimulate more women to join the workforce. She outlined her ideas in 'Forum', a magazine published by employers' group VNO-NCW.

"A highly-educated woman who chooses to stay at home and not to work - that is destruction of capital," Dijksma said. "If you receive the benefit of an expensive education at the cost of society, you should not be allowed to throw away that knowledge unpunished."

The MP said a fine for non-working mothers is a logical consequence of the PvdA's intention to introduce a 'feudal system', under which graduates repay money dependant on their earnings. "If someone chooses not to work, then a substantial repayment is in order," Dijksma said.
(Hat tip: Brussels Journal) Speaking of feminism, try this item from Arab News.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

That's 20,000 page views

"Visits" are supposed to be the real thing, but this is something of a milestone. I don't know how much more I will be able to do before Pre-Pesach panic envelops everything, and I don't believe in posting on Chol Mo'eid. When I come back, I would like to work more on individual posts and post less fequently. I also want to increase the Torah-content of this blog. One way to accomplish these goals would be to add someone to the team here. Anyone who would like to contribute/collaborate should send me an e-mail.

Daily Kos on Jill Carroll

These are actually items in a link roundup:
Jane at Firedoglake is taking on the Education of Blitzer, devoting a week to laying out the racist freak show that is the wingnut blogosphere in the wake of the horrendous, misogynistic, racist, and despicable job they tried to do on reporter Jill Carroll. Jane promises "fabulous guests who have been writing about right wing blog bigots for year who will be joining us, we have wonderful prizes for the people who find the best Wolf Edification Quotes, and we promise to have fun (and clean towels) for everyone who participates."
And another:
On the same topic, Joe at The Moderate Voice is being way too moderate in calling the Jill Carroll affair a black eye to blogging. No, Joe, this is a black eye to the crazy, racist, right wing, hating blogosphere. Don't lump all of us in together on that one. Yes, we're partisan, yes we're on occasion shrill. We're not liars. We're not racist. And we won't be dragged down into the mud pit occupied by the likes of Little Green Footballs and Free Republic just because we occupy the same cyberspace.
It may have been unfair to suspect Jill Carroll of exhibiting Douglas Johnson/Christian-Peacemaker-Teams Syndrome, but "racist"? "misogynistic"? I'll have to check out Free Republic. If extreme righties are wingnuts and extreme lefties are moonbats, what are centrists?

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(North) Korean News: "All Koreans Called upon to Keep to Road of Songun"

This is a relatively concise one:
The road of Songun followed by the DPRK is the road of justice and truth, says Rodong Sinmun Sunday in a signed article. It goes on: The road of Songun is one of justice and truth because the Songun politics calls for considering military affairs as the most important ones of the state and remarkably augmenting the national power with main emphasis on the military power, thereby making it possible to defend independence of the popular masses and accelerate the independent development of the country.

The Songun politics of the Workers' Party of Korea serves as an invincible weapon for reliably defending the sovereignty of the country and the dignity of the nation. Thanks to the invincible armed forces which have grown incomparably stronger than ever before under the banner of Songun the DPRK has fully exercised its sovereignty in all fields of state activities under so hard and complicated situation as today.
Now they are even more invincible?
The DPRK is fully demonstrating its sovereignty and dignity in the fierce political and economic stand-off with the U.S. imperialists as they are backed by the invincible armed forces. The history of the struggle waged by the army and people of the DPRK to defend socialism from the moves of the U.S. imperialists against it goes to prove that the road of Songun alone leads to defending the human cause of independence.

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Modest Proposal Watch

This is from an essay that proposes to "end the same-sex marriage debate" by making everyone's marriage a civil union:
The government's distinction between legitimate and illegitimate marriages takes sides in a controversy that has raged since the formation of the first religions. Many religious groups, which include tens of thousands of Americans, believe in plural marriage or polygamy as a human right and divinely ordained.

Other groups insist on endogamy (marriage within a defined group), while others insist on exogamy (marriage outside of a defined group). While many fundamentalists believe that marriage can only be a union of a man or a woman, other Christians reject this interpretation and embrace same-sex marriage.
OK, "endogamy" and "exogamy" are nice words from Anthropology 101, but how does this enter into a discussion of public policy on marriage in the US? Do you think Jonathan Turley, the author, had some specific groups in mind when he wrote this? Eskimos? He wants the government to stop interfering with cousin-marriages? The author, we learn, is "the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University" and "a member of USA TODAY's board of contributors."

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shari'ah Corner: Is April Fool's Day permitted?

From Islam Online:
According to the dictionary, April Fools’ Day is a day for practical jokes, but in many places those jokes take the form of lies.

Islam condemns lying. Good people in general consider it a vice. If lying is originally forbidden, then April Fools’ would consequently be forbidden because of the unwarranted dismay and chagrin it causes, even if it is for just one hour. It plays with people’s trust, and is a pure emulation of vice.
Bad Ima!

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Interview with Pipes on the Iraq War

Here is one of the key bits:
Q: Were you in favor of going to war in Iraq, and how do you think it's progressing or regressing?

A: I was in favor. I continue to be in favor of the campaign to eliminate the rule of Saddam Hussein, with all the dangers to the Iraqis, to the region and to ourselves. From April 2003 on, I have argued that the U.S. government and its allies should have lower expectations than actually is the case. That we should treat the Iraqis like adults; that we should understand that they are going to run their own future, their own destiny, not us; that our role there is at best advisory, and that we should be patient. So lower expectations and a longer time horizon.

Q: Does that mean a significant change in what we are doing now, in terms of policy. Should we announce withdrawals?

A: The number of troops is not my issue. It's the placement and role of the troops. For three years now I have been protesting the use of American troops to mediate between tribes, help rebuild electricity grids, oversee school construction, which seems to me to be a wrong use of our forces, of our money. The Iraqis should be in charge of that. We should keep the troops there, in the desert, looking after the international boundaries, making sure there are no atrocities, making sure oil and gas goes out, otherwise leaving Iraq to the Iraqis.

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Interesting Contrast

First, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting:
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamid-Reza Assefi Saturday strongly condemned the assassination of top Palestinian commander Khalil al-Qowqa.

Al-Qowqa was one of the top commanders of the Palestinian People's Resistance Committee.

According to Monday report of the Foreign Ministry's Information and Press Office, Asefi added, "Continuing its inhumane and barbarian policies, the racist-Zionist regime has intensified the process of its selected assassinations,"

He added, "Imposing mounting political pressure against the new Palestinian government and assassinating Palestinian personalities is still atop the agenda of the expansionist policies pursued by the usurper Israeli regime."

Assefi reiterated, "The security of the entire region is now at stake due to the expansionist and terrorist policies pursued by Tel Aviv that is maddened due to the outcome of the democratic Palestinian elections in which the Palestinians consciously and alertly cast their votes in favor of Hamas."

He added, "Israel is now taking revenge of the Palestinians by inhumanely assassinating their popular personalities."
Now, the Washington Post:
A Palestinian militant with ties to Hamas was killed by a car bomb Friday, unleashing factional unrest that left three others dead and 35 wounded, in the first direct threat to the radical Islamic group's new government.

Followers of the militant blamed security forces loyal to the Fatah movement of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for the assassination, raising the possibility of wider clashes just two days after Hamas assumed power . . .

Abu Quka's supporters blamed the Fatah-dominated Preventive Security Services for his assassination; a shootout at the militant's funeral killed the three others and wounded 35.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Linkim, Motza'ei Shabbos 4/1/06

Haveil Havalim 64 is up.

Elder of Ziyon flags an example of "Arab journalism at its finest," an interview with David Duke.

Joseph Hertzlinger notes that "Today Is the 58th Anniversary of one of the most famous jokes in the history of physics."

IRIB: "Stop treating us like idiots, Moussa." Also "PA parliament
calls for calm
" and "Zionists bombard no-go zone in Gaza"

Judeosphere flags an interesting British editorial about "The Israel Lobby."

Martin Kramer's "Linkage" flags a buncha stuff as usual.

Joe Settler has a gripping post.

What happened to Zion Report?

Daled Amos has a good post about what SerandEz call "The Dumbest Study Ever."

The Guardian: "Children will be hardest hit by dentists quitting NHS"

Bava Dilbert points out something I hadn't noticed about "Youth."

Daily Kos silly title of the day: "Rubber Stamp Republicans: New McCarthyism Is All They Have"

The Counterterrorism blog asks "Did Saddam Hussein Assist Palestinian Terrorist Groups More Than Previously Thought?"

NY Times: "Internet Injects Sweeping Change Into U.S. Politics"

Marvin Schick on "Those 'powerful' Jewish lobbyists"

The Mangini Conspiracy? What's a Mangini?

Cartoons, endless cartoons . . . (h/t: LGF)

There's no ism like Socialism like no ism I know . . .

From (North) Korean News:
Socialism is the most advantageous society for the people among those of different types established in human history and the essential advantage of socialist society rests on collectivism. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed article.

Genuine democracy is only socialist democracy based on collectivism, the article notes, and goes on:

Socialist democracy puts forward the popular masses as the master of state and society and helps them enjoy their freedom and rights as the master of all fields of social life to their heart's content. Under socialist society the popular masses lead a worthwhile life as the proud master of the state sovereignty and means of production, creating and enjoying material wealth.

People demand that they glorify their social and political life and live amid the love and trust of social collectives. It is possible only under the socialist society in which the popular masses take the position of master. It is because socialism embodies the relations of comradely unity and cooperation, love and trust in all fields of social life. Only socialist society makes it possible to strengthen the unity and cooperation of the collectives, enhance the creative enthusiasm of all members of the collectives and sufficiently meet the independent demands of the collectives and individuals altogether. The advantages of socialist society can be seen in the reality of the DPRK.

The advantages of Korean-style socialism centering on the popular masses have their essential source in the might of the single-minded unity of the leader, the Party and the masses. The Korean army and people, single-heartedly united around the headquarters of the revolution, have devoted their all to the prosperity and rosy future of the country. It is the features of Korean society that all the people form a big harmonious family to help and lead forward each other and devote themselves to society and the collectives. Korean-style socialism is the advantageous socialism in which all the people become the master of everything, everything serves them and their independent and creative life is kept in full bloom.
Also at Korean News: "Rodong Sinmun on Source of Invincibility of Korean-Style Socialism"

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Carroll able to make reasonable statements about her captivity after all

I guess I'm too cynical. I was not expecting this:
Things that I was forced to say while captive are now being taken by some as an accurate reflection of my personal views. They are not. The people who kidnapped me and murdered Alan Enwiya are criminals, at best. They robbed Alan of his life and devastated his family. They put me, my family and my friends _ all those around the world _ who have prayed so fervently for my release _ through a horrific experience. I was, and remain, deeply angry with the people who did this.
(Hat tip: LGF)

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