Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Question for Shlomo Sand followers

Someone in the Mondoweiss comments section recently said the following, typifying a train of thought that many anti-Zionists have evidently picked up from Shlomo Sand:
. . .Jewish-ness has been perverted from a *Religious Indentity* into some mythical ethnic, semi racial, semi genetic nationality. You’ve invented a ‘people’ catagory for yourselves beyond religion –one that does not exist and is unidentifable by any traditonal defintions of ethnic or distinct people.
The comments thread is about to close down there, and I just thought of a question which I think very concisely pierces this nonsense, so I will post it here. Here is what I would ask of anyone who thinks the above is a good point and that a "religious identity" automatically excludes nation-hood or people-hood. The Jews originally had a monarch, territory, an army, civil and criminal law-enforcement, and everything else associated with nation-hood or people-hood. Was Judaism not a "religion" in those days?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunnis kill Shias, Iran blames Jews

The title of this is "Iran censures latest Shia killings in Egypt." Here is a paragraph from the Iranian Foreign Ministry statement:
“Iran is certain that the sensible and revolutionary Egyptian nation, through its prudent leaders, will once again thwart the Zionist plot to create rifts between Islam and Christianity, and safeguard their revolution and national unity, and will also exercise vigilance vis-à-vis plots to foment discord among various schools of Islam and will not let such a thing happen,” the statement added.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Zionists controlling US Congress, world economy: Arif Hussain" (PressTV: Iran)

This is a complete article and a good example of the worldview that previals in the government-controlled Iranian press. (Is that "Robert A. Heinlein" the science fiction writer?) Note to leftists: The headings illustrate the use of "Zionist regime" and "Israel" interchangeably.
When human, religious and cultural values vanish from a society, it eventually changes into capitalism. Then murder, injustice, bribery, oppression and occupation becomes the practices of the society.

Zionists being totally deprived of all these values have put their all-out efforts to deprive societies from their highest religious and human values. To accomplish this dirty mission of spreading capitalism, they have been using pornography, bribery and interest-based banking systems worldwide. They kept on invading societies psychologically and enslaving them in a net of racism.

Political dominance of the Zionist regime

The state of Israel was born just yesterday, in 1948. Within a short span of time, it is now controlling the Congress (parliament) of the ruling state in the world, the United State of America. Every single person in the United States is aware of this fact that Zionists control the parliament. Any politician in America who criticizes the Zionist regime can't survive either with or without his political carrier.

What do you think controlling the parliament of a country means? It means political invasion, it means controlling the decision-making body of a nation and it means that by now the actual decision-maker is the invader. Sometimes when the president of the United States just comes in front and says "all the options are on the table" I hardly stop laughing because I can feel how the president of a great nation is forced to narrate the slogans of a minute state.

In the process of building puppet governments, the Zionist regime of Israel has been very successful in replacing many Arab and non-Arab governments so far. Under the slogan of democracy, Israel has toppled many governments which tried to resist its policies, and replaced them with its own versions.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Bahrain in the Arabian Peninsula and Turkey, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and other countries outside the Arabian Peninsula are by now standing under the Zionist Umbrella, offering their best services in return for its barbarism on the innocent people of Palestine.

Economic dominance of Israel

Everybody knows that Israel is controlling the global economy today. The world banking system is directly run by Zionists. A book written by Texas mega church pastor John Hagee, the head and founder of Christian United for Israel, reads

"Congress does not control America's economic destiny. Our economic destiny is controlled by the Federal Reserve system. The Federal Reserve has never been audited, and yet it totally controls the value of money in this country... While most of the stockholders are members of the so-called Eastern Establishment, allegedly the four largest stockholders are not even Americans but members of the Rothschild family of Europe." -- John Hagee, Day of Deception (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997) p. 51.

The Federal system enables Zionists to have an upper hand over the global economy. The Federal Reserve provides the US government with loans based on interest. It collects money from the US government and public and from hundreds of other countries and sends it to the Zionist entity.

Robert A. Heinlein describes Federal Reserve as following:

"Every Congressman, every Senator knows precisely what causes inflation...but can't, [won't] support the drastic reforms to stop it [repeal of the Federal Reserve Act] because it could cost him his job."

They have control over the International Monetary (IMF) Fund and World Bank. Most world nations are all striving for their survival under the load of debt which they need to pay either to the World Bank or the IMF. Once a country is gripped by loans, the Zionists then use it for their political motives. This process is sometimes called “enslaving by money.” Zionists run most multinational companies ranging from cold drinks to petrol, to shoes to hats. Through their illegal and dirty ways of earning, the Zionists are becoming an economic giant on the globe. The adventuresome behaviour of Zionists may trigger a big war

The Zionist regime of Israel is on its way with a mindset to obtain world dominance and will not hesitate in attempting to destroy any opposing forces in the way. This aim of the regime of Israel can be concluded from its own short history.

What objectives does the Zionist regime follow by seeking political and economic dominance and establishing puppet governments around the world? On the one hand, it is expanding the circle of its own versions of governments around the globe, and on the other hand dumping the stores with piles of atomic, thermal and chemical bombs. Yet there are some governments that wouldn’t like to accept the regime of Israel as a dominant state.

At present, some of these governments include Russia, China, Iran, some South American states and Syria. Being the allies of each other, these governments have created a virtual united front. China and Russia are second and third economic and military powers while Iran is a major power in the Middle East. So, one may wonder how the Zionist regime will be able to defeat this front to secure dominance over the world?

Well, they have already started to break and weaken this barrier. The Zionists are effectively using their historical weapon of proxy wars to bring down the allies of this united front one by one. In carrying out these proxy wars, they have always been using the Wahhabi version of Islam. The bloodthirsty Wahhabi and Salafi Jihadists are ready to chop the heads off on the orders of their masters, the Zionists. The Zio-muftis of Saudi Arabia have already filled up their pens to issue any type of religious decree to fulfill this goal for their masters.

What's going on inside Syria is like an open book for those who have thinking brains. The heinous crimes those Jihadists committed and are committing against humanity are quite new in the book of human history. They are busy leveling the shrines of the companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and destroying mosques and cutting the throats of religious scholars one by one. A person with half-paralyzed mind can even understand the reason behind all this unrest. Crimes of these Wahhabi Jihadists are countless but here my aim was just to reveal the objective behind, and how Israel is carrying out this proxy war to break the resistance front.

In a very similar way, they have been making their all-out efforts to bring a regime change in Iran, another ally of the resistance barrier. They again tried to use the Wahhabi Jihadist group Jundullah, which Iran successfully controlled and stopped from prevailing. Now they are using a super fake allegation of Nuke building on the Islamic Republic and are trying to start an all-out war. But Iran being a champion rational state has been abstaining from any military confrontation. However, the imposition of crushing economic sanctions is an act of war. MOSAD and CIA are actively involved in establishing a puppet government in Venezuela. They tried to create unrest using the opposition and the situation is still heightening.

This situation cannot proceed forever and the Zionists, as I explained earlier, are not at all willing to come to a common point. They are behaviorally adventuresome, which can be seen throughout their small history. They began waging wars against their neighbors from day one. They believe in occupation and dominance and are also getting stronger and stronger. This adventuresome behavior of the Zionist entity loaded with thousands of weapons of mass destruction will eventually trigger a war which can be referred to as World War III and in Islamic eschatology it is described as AL Malhama.