Thursday, April 30, 2009

March of the revolutionary metaphors

They are about to have that starvation problem relatively under control:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to various sectors of Wonsan City, Kangwon Province, following his visit to the just built Nyongwon Power Station. This news is stirring the Korean people once again who have turned out in a prodigious work for the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

Having kindled the torch of a new revolutionary upsurge in December last year, Kim Jong Il has made an unceasing forced march of guerrilla style from the beginning of the year, racing ahead of time.
Normally the guerilla style forced march of time waits for no one.
He found himself in every nook and corner of the country, visiting the Wonsan Youth Power Station, the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, the Kum Song Tractor Factory, the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex, the Kim Chaek Iron Complex, the Musan Mining Complex, etc. in defiance of biting cold, thus letting the flames of the new revolutionary upsurge spread across the country.

The Korean people are working great innovations and making a great leaping forward previously unknown in the history of socialist building in production and construction, inspired by the long journey of patriotic devotion of Kim Jong Il who is leading the gigantic era of great upswing seething with creation and renovation in the van to bring all happiness to the people at an early date.
So they're waiting for the van to come?
The workers of Kangson firmly resolved to fling open the gate of the thriving nation before anyone else hit their high targets for the first quarter of the year at 103.7 percent in the gross industrial output value and 102.9 percent in steel output, the main index. They are now advancing towards a higher goal.
Right, you can't eat steel.
Following the torch kindled at Kangson, an intensive modernization campaign is afoot at leading industrial bases, splendid models of light industrial revolution are cropping up everywhere and a convincing prospect has opened for satisfactorily resolving the food problem for the people. The whole country is, indeed, aboil like a melting pot in the new revolutionary upsurge.

The astonishing reality spread in this land by Kim Jong Il's long journey of patriotic devotion eloquently proves that the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation has reached the watershed of history.
I hope the watershed doesn't put out the boiling melting pot.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ahmadinejad can't open his mouth without denying the Holocaust

Ahmadinejad seems to be still smarting about that walk-out:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined on Wednesday that Zionists are the most hated group in the world.

"Today, Zionists and their masters know that they are the most hated groups in the view of the world nations," Ahmadinejad told a large and fervent congregation of people of Shiraz in the southern province of Fars.
"And their masters"? There is somebody over the Zionists?
"At the (anti-racism Durban Review) Conference in Geneva Zionists endeavored to omit the phrase "The Zionist regime (of Israel) is equal to Racism" and tried to repeat what they had done to Holocaust on racism," he added.
Holocaust denial seems to be the prism through which he views the world.
The Iranian president further strongly criticized supporters of the Zionist regime's behavior towards those who question the Holocaust, and said, "They said that the Holocaust is a reality and nobody has the right to question or raise doubt about it."

Regarding events during his speech in Durban 2 conference, Ahmadinejad noted, "Those who claim to be advocates of freedom of expression intended to disrupt a meeting which was held for the free expression of ideas."

As the Iranian president was delivering a speech to the conference, a participant sought to insult him by throwing an object to his face, but over 4500 representatives of the NGOs and human rights activists attending the convention asked the Iranian president to continue his address and gave him repeated applause.

Following the incident, a minority of representatives from 23 organizations and states left the hall in protest at Ahmadinejad's speech. But thousands of others, including the United Nations representatives remained in the hall as Ahmadinejad continued, calling Israel a cruel and racist state and accusing Zionists of using the Holocaust as an excuse to steal Arab land.

Ahmadinejad also called Zionism a form of racism.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Revolutionary News

Is this any way to treat a dead dictator?
Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Soviet Union, is the latest victim of the global economic crisis.

Russian officials say they don't have enough money to change the suit worn by his embalmed remains in his mausoleum on Red Square.

'This is the first time that Lenin has been left without new clothes,' explained Yuri Denisov-Nikolskiy, deputy head of the All-Russian Scientific Institute for Medical and Aromatic Herbs. [...]

The last time the suit was changed was in 2003 - even though it is supposed to be done every three years because it gets damaged by the powerful chemicals used to preserve his body.

After the long delay, a change this year was considered essential - but no funds could be found.

So Lenin was put back on display this week in his six-year-old, now shabby-looking suit. [...]
One place still remains, however, where Lenin's legacy still means great leaps forward: the might of Songun has now achieved an Italian Restaurant!
There is a moving story behind the appearance of this restaurant.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il took care that a restaurant specializing in Italian dishes was opened, saying the Koreans should be let to taste world- famous dishes.

He took necessary measures, learning that the restaurant found it a tough row to hoe, having no cook experienced in Italian dishes.

Now our cooks are just as good as Italians in making Italian dishes.

No wonder the Korean and foreign customers are satisfied with the famous dishes of the world served by our restaurant. [...]
Surely, after such an achievement, when it comes time to mummify the Dear Leader, they won't ever neglect to change his suit.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shmuley Boteach on "Making Synagogue Stimulating Again"

What, no shmaltz-herring?
. . . there ought to be a reward for the parents as well. It's called a great Kiddush where people nibble and speak. So trade in the wine that passes for a strong adhesive with a fine single malt. Be gone you stale crackers and give way to piping hot kugel. Because nobody said that there shouldn't be a stimulating and satisfying social portion of a Synagogue as well.
Reading blogs should be stimulating too, so check out the latest single-malt Haveil Havalim and also a piping hot KCC.

Dutch television show finds Bin Laden not guilty--MPAC-UK impressed

According to Times Online:
Yesterday 12 children were killed in Dir [Pakistan] when a bomb hidden in a football exploded. Villagers said that the football had been left lying near the compound wall of a girls' school. Among the dead were seven boys and five girls aged between 5 and 13.
These are seemingly not good times for Muslim Moderation. MPAC-UK, however, is trying to fight Islam's extremist image, but coming across as rather extreme themselves in their embrace of 9/11 revisionism:
[...] Although this is only a television programme, it caused somewhat of an uproar when it was aired earlier this month in the Netherlands. I remember hearing Colin Powell saying "in the near future we will be able to put out a document that will describe quite clearly the evidence that we have linking Bin Laden to this attack."

This evidence was never produced.

In a court of law, it falls onto the accusing party to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. Yet the only result we have seen was not only the war in Afghanistan, but also under a cloud of lies, the war in Iraq.

Muslims are often accused of having conspiracy theories, but there wasn’t a single Muslim in the jury that tried Bin Laden on Devil’s Advocate.
See there, the TV jury didn't contain a single Muslim!
The truth about what happened on September 11 2001, is not in the public domain.

Perhaps one day all will become clear, but I don’t think we will like what we find out. [...]
In the meantime, someone much slicker, writing in the Guardian, offers a cutesy piece about the vicissitudes of being a moderate Muslim who is always under suspicion:
. . . here are a few suggestions for how to help the police, airport immigration and anyone else who finds it hard to differentiate between liberal and extremist Muslims. All Muslims who consider themselves liberal and tolerant could apply for a special card which when presented would show the holder was a "pre-approved Muslim", thus saving time at airports. Sure, some may say that such a card would represent a gross violation of human rights but I think it could be marketed like a credit card: membership has its privileges – in this case not being indiscriminately arrested or held up when travelling. Those who feel uncomfortable carrying a card could be offered an alternative – a white girlfriend perhaps, someone to vouch for the fact that they have successfully ­integrated into society and have no immediate plans for a holy war.

Perhaps I could carry a sandwichboard with the slogan "I [heart] John Stuart Mill". That may prove too subtle, maybe something more permanent is needed to convince the sceptics. How about all moderate Muslims having "Don't panic – I'm Islamic" inked on their forearms by a government-approved tattoo artist. [...]
Does he really love John Stuart Mill? What has he done for him lately?

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

International Community Reveres Three Commanders of Mt. Paektu

That's right, everyone reveres Kim Senior, Kim Junior, and Kim Junior's mother:
An opening ceremony of the Kimilsungia Greenhouse was held with splendour in Guinea on the occasion of the Day of the Sun this year.

This is a token of the aspiration of the world progressives to shine an august name of President Kim Il Sung and his immortal feats.

Since the Kim Il Sung Cell was formed in Costa Rica in Juche 34 (1945), units and organizations of many countries were named after the three commanders of Mt. Paektu.
The Kim Il Sung Cell--no prison should be without one!
Streets, libraries, classrooms, kindergartens, memorial rooms of reading, institutes of agricultural science and others named after the President have made their appearances one after another in different countries including China, Cuba, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Uganda and Tanzania.

In April 1965 when the President visited Indonesia, the Indonesian president showed a special flower newly bred in his country to the President and called it Kimilsungia.

In February 1988 a horticulturist of Japan named a rare flower Kimjongilia, that he had bred at the end of 20-odd-year long laborious researches, and presented it to General Secretary Kim Jong Il. It was a historic event which informed the world of the breeding of the flower of the sun named after another peerlessly great man.
I hope it was a peerlessly great flower.
The first Group for the Study of Works of Comrade Kim Il Sung was organized in Mali in April 1969 reflecting the aspiration and enthusiasm of the world progressive people to study the great Juche idea created by the President. Since then units and organizations named after the President such as group for the study of works, youth group for the study of works, study committees and study societies have been formed in India, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Peru and other countries, whose number is on a steady increase.

An ardent aspiration of the world progressives to give his august name to their organizations remains unchanged even after his demise. An agricultural college is called Kim Il Sung Agricultural College and a street Generalissimo Kim Il Sung Street. Besides, recollection committees and friendship organizations including the Nepalese National Memorial Committee for the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung have been organized in various countries.
Many progressive bathroom fixtures include a Generalisimo Kim Il Sung Flush-valve.
The greatness of Kim Jong Il's idea and leadership has produced many societies for study of his works, groups for study of the Juche idea and units named after him in Russia, India, Ukraine, Nigeria and other countries of the world. Among them are the Benin National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea and of General Kim Jong Il's Works, the National Liaison Council of the Japan Society for Study of Kim Jong Il's Works, Kim Jong Il Classrooms and Kim Jong Il Libraries.

The progressive people of the world are also naming their units and organizations after anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk.

Recent years witnessed that many organizations of the world have been given her august name one after another, including the Peruvian Association for the Study of Revolutionary Activities of Comrade Kim Jong Suk and the Russian Women's Union in the Title of Kim Jong Suk.

There are some units and organizations named the august names of the peerlessly great men such as the Group for the Study of the Juche Idea of Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il in Vienna, Austria and the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il E-Library of Philippines-DPRK Friendship Society.

The "International Kim Il Sung Prize" Council was formed with prominent figures of political, social and scholar circles of the world in April 1993 to award the prize. The International Kim Il Sung Foundation was founded by the positive efforts of the world progressive people including the chairman of the Global Group of Britain in October 2007 and monuments "Protectors of Arts for the Century" in which the names of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are engraved were erected in various cities of Russia. All the facts glaringly show the ardent reverence for the peerlessly great men and woman.
Not to mention all the Juche-oriented blogging which goes on here.

Ahmadinejad Holocaust denial of the day

The typical MSM reference to Ahmadinejad's Holocaust-denial is a sentence that goes something like "Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust a myth." That doesn't quite capture it. Ahmadinejad's worldview involves a world-controlling Zionist cabal that invented the Holocaust as part of a plot to create Israel and cause all problems faced by Muslims. In Ahmadinejad's mind the Jyllands-Posten cartoons--remember them?--were a Zionist plot. That's why Iran responded with a cartoon contest ridiculing the Holocaust. So it isn't merely that Ahmadinejad has "called the Holocaust a myth." The reality is that Ahmadinejad's Holocaust-denial is a central pillar of his loony paranoid worldview and he can hardly open his Khomeinist mouth without referring to it:
The Iranian president rakes supporters of Israel over the coals, saying they hold Zionism more sacred than divine faiths and freedom of speech.

"They have made an idol called the Zionist regime, and they say that you can talk about anything but that," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in an address to a crowd in Islamshahr -- south of the Iranian capital Tehran.

President Ahmadinejad was referring to Western inclinations toward Israel and the adoption of laws in Europe that ban criticism of the events pertinent to the Holocaust and the figures of casualties released to the public.

The influence of the Zionist movement is such that US politics revolve to a large extent around the interests of the Israeli lobby even though the US image overseas is marred as a result of its support.
This post features a cameo appearance--Ladies and Gentlemen, Ron Paul!
Republican congressman Ron Paul has told Press TV that the there is no 'such thing as independent Israel doing anything', describing US support for Tel Aviv as an obstacle to the changes sought by US President Barack Obama.

President Ahmadinejad on Thursday labeled support for the philosophy of Zionism as a form of "modern idol worship" that plagues the Western world and endangers the pursuit of justice for all. [...]

According the Iranian president, the West has given rise to the fulfillment of Zionist objectives by creating lies about the Holocasut even they themselves have learned to hold "sacred".

President Ahmadinejad has questions the story behind the Holocaust and the number of Jews killed, saying academics should be allowed to conduct research on the issue.

"They insult the prophets of God and justify themselves with talk of 'freedom of speech'. But, when it comes to Israel, they say you are not allowed to speak a word. They want the entire world to worship their idol," Ahmadinejad continued. [...]
That bit about "insulting prophets" refers to the cartoons. He'll be obsessed with them for years to come.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Palestinians choose Johnny Walker and Chivas over Hamas!

Joseph Massad, a Cognac drinker according to Martin Kramer, discovers the true motivation of Palestinian opponents of Hamas:
[...] West Bank-based Palestinian intellectuals, like their liberal counterparts across the Arab world, have been active in the last several years in demonizing Hamas as the force of darkness in the region. These intellectuals (among whom liberal secular Christians, sometimes referred to derisively in Ramallah circles as "the Christian Democratic Party," are disproportionately represented) are mostly horrified that if Hamas came to power, it would ban alcohol. Assuming Hamas would enact such a regulation on the entire population were it to rule a liberated Palestine in some undetermined future, these intellectuals are the kind of intellectuals who prefer an assured collaborating dictatorship with a glass of scotch to a potentially resisting democracy without. [...]
A glass, not even a whole bottle?
The journey of West Bank liberal intellectuals, it seems has finally come to this: after being instrumental in selling out the rights of Palestinians in Israel to full equal citizenship by acquiescing to Israel's demand to be recognized as a racist Jewish state, and the rights of the diaspora and refugees to return, they have now sold out the rights of Palestinians in Gaza to food and electricity, and all of this so that the West Bank can be ruled by a collaborationist authority that allows them open access to Johnny Walker Black Label (their drink of choice, although some have switched to Chivas more recently). In this context, how could Israel be anything but a friend and ally who is making sure Hamas will never get to ban whiskey? [...]
Blended Scotch is for people wearing keffiyehs--Zionists drink single-malt! (The true Jihad drink is heavy water.)

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Iran expresses "profound reverence for Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il"

It's a beautiful day in the axis-hood:
Morteza Moradian, Iranian ambassador to the DPRK, gave a reception at his embassy on April 21 on the occasions of the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il's reelection as chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

Present at the reception on invitation were Yang Hyong Sop, vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, Jong Yong Su, minister of Labor, Kung Sok Ung, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and others.

Morteza Moradian said in his speech that the President led the arduous revolutionary struggle against outside forces to victory and handed down to the Korean people the independent and prosperous country as a legacy.

He expressed the belief that the Korean people would build a great prosperous and powerful nation in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il and thus significantly commemorate the centenary of birth of the President.

The friendly relations between Iran and the DPRK provided by the great leaders of the two countries are growing stronger in various fields including politics, economy and culture, he said, adding:

The Islamic Republic of Iran has positively supported the Korean people's struggle to ensure global peace and security and achieve the country's reunification.

Yang Hyong Sop said in his speech that it is an expression of profound reverence for Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il that the Iranian friends are joining the Korean people in commemorating their significant holidays.

"a very complicated plot to back Zionists was foiled"

Ahmadinejad is evidently still mentioning his Durban experience in every speech:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that during Durban Review Conference (Durban 2), a very complicated plot to back Zionists was foiled.

President Ahmadinejad made the remark during his visit to Varamin in the vicinity of Tehran on Wednesday.

The conference also indicated that the supporters of the Zionist regime are among the most hated and most isolated people in the world.

Resistance is the key to victory of the Iranian nation, he said adding that the people in Varamin along with other countrymen underlined their legitimate right to nuclear energy and continued their efforts to disappoint their enemies.

The Iranian nation resisted the wrongdoings and insults of the enemies and overcame all difficulties by relying on God Almighty, he said.
Now that it has overcome all difficulties, I wonder what's next on the agenda.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahmadinejad: "Zionist regime formed by misusing Holocaust"

Good grief, don't they have copy-editors for their ignorant bilge?:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the international Durban Review Conference (Durban 2) on Monday criticized the performance of the United Nations Security Council in backing the racist Zionist regime.

He noted that after the World War II a mere racist regime was established in the Palestinian occupied lands.

"After the World War II on the guise of the alleged victimized Jews and by misusing the fake issue of Holocaust, They invaded the Palestinian occupied lands and make the Palestinians homeless and bring some people from America, Europe and other countries and established a mere racist regime there, " President Ahmadinejad said.

President Ahmadinejad questioned the legitimacy of the right to veto and described the Zionist regime as racist.

He underlined that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) helped stabilize the fabricated regime in Palestine.

President Ahmadinejad said the formation of the United Nations Security Council backs to the World War I and World War II and why they have allocated the Veto right to themselves.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said," With what values this logic match? With divine and humanity values, justice, equality or racism and injustice, or violation of human rights and humiliation of the majority of human beings and other countries."

"The UNSC is the high body on decision making for peace and security in the world. How could we expect f justice and peace in the world without discrimination while the council has formed on the basis of power and arrogance," ,the President added.

President Ahmadinejad underlined that hegemonic powers, idol-worshipping are the origins of apartheid, racism, aggression and cruelty.

"When most of the racist countries condemn racism by the speech and motto and some of the powerful countries have the right to make decisions for others, so they could freely remove all of the rules and regulations and human values," the President reiterated.

Since the President labeled the Zionists as racists, the participants in the conference welcomed him but the supporters of the Zionist regime staged a walk out.
IRIB also currently features the similarly titled article "Israel was formed through violation of rights":
The Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sayyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said fighting against Islam is the goal of formation of the fake Zionist regime of Israel.

Addressing the international meeting of the Islamic Countries' Prosecutors and International Lawyers, Shahroudi said establishment of the Zionist regime is based on occupation of the Palestinian lands, expelling them from their country, killings of the innocent people, depriving them from primary rights and freedom, establishment of a terror government and domination over the neighboring countries.

He added racism was the motivation behind establishment of the regime by the United Nations Security Council in 1957.
That's an easy mistake to make. A lot of people think that's why Elvis sang "That's when your heartaches begin."

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IRNA: "Many linguists believe that the word holocaust . . . was originally coined to refer to a criminal incident in ancient Yemen committed by Jews"

In all its disgusting glory from Iran's most official news agency:
Holocaust forms the backbone of founding Israel in the Middle East at the expense of making millions of Palestinians displaced from their homeland and collecting homeless Jewish people from across the world in Holy land of Palestine.

Holocaust, from any angle, is the most significant excuse used by the Zionists’ godfather, Theodore Herzel, and his comrades to justify their efforts to set up a Zionist system by zooming on the topic and even by distorting historical facts through making frequent references to forged names and non-existing places.
Herzl died in 1904.
They founded their claims on the fact that Prophet David and his dynasty ruled the ancient land of Kan’an for some 76 years and used this to prove that the territory belonged to Zionists. In the midst of all this, another fact was neglected: that the land of Palestine had been in possession of Arabs for over four thousands years after that.

Many linguists believe that the word holocaust, which is a Greek word -- holo means all and caust meaning "to burn to ashes", was originally coined to refer to a criminal incident in ancient Yemen committed by Jews who burnt alive a large group of chained and handcuffed men, women and children for their adherence to teachings the Jesus Christ (PBUH).

However, the bitter historical irony is that the word was later exploited by Zionists to establish a regime by building on the false claim that over six million Jews had been killed in Auschwitz ovens, thus triggering the sympathy of the western people. They embarked on a relentless campaign, producing tens of films, publishing thousands of books and research works to win the sympathy of western public opinion particularly that of Europe to drive a nation which enjoyed a rich and old civilization and culture out of its homeland.

From among all so-called death camps in Europe which mainly concentrated in Poland, Auschwitz is the most famous one so the Zionists focused all their documentation on the place and made up many horrifying tales every single of which makes the hair stand on end.

Many Zionists claimed the establishment of Israel was the God’s answer to Auschwitz while there were others to strongly believe that holocaust encouraged establishment of Israel.

However, the bitter fact, here, is that in European countries which claim a highly intellectual atmosphere and boast of supporting research and scientific movements and trends, it is absolutely forbidden to question the authenticity of holocaust or even conduct any investigative research on the quality and quantity of the incident. If anybody dares to ignore the law, then the "anti-Semitism" law would promptly be used to suppress the antagonist voice.

The world-famous holocaust denier, Professor Robert Faurisson, is one of those people who once in a time irritates the Zionist regime’s puppets by his remarks.

He denies the overall incident of burning Jews into ashes by the Nazi Germans. In his latest remarks, he questions the very existence of any gas chambers in Auschwitz, describing the claim as a big lie. However, he believes there is still another more dangerous, bigger lie which claims the gas chambers were constructed later on after the end of the war, or that the existing building was one similar to the original one which is not constructed in as good shape as the first, or still that the gas chambers went under reconstruction projects after the end of the second world war.

He believes many efforts were undertaken after the war to re-make Auschwitz to make resemble a death camp, to create the false impression that it was exclusively used as a place to kill Jews while the whole project was more of a construction attempt rather than a reconstruction plan.

He mentions documents which were never published publicly, adding: "I got plans of the four crematoria chambers in Auschwitz and Birkenau which lacked any openings in their roofs. "At a single one of these crematoria, although it is in ruins, is it today possible to go and examine the room said to have been a gas chamber and is the presumed scene of the crime …We are told that, in order to kill the Jewish detainees locked inside, an SS man, moving about on the concrete roof of the said gas chamber, poured Zyklon-B pellets through four regular openings situated in the roof.

However, one need only have eyes to realize that no such openings have ever existed there. Therefore such a crime cannot have been committed."

The professor who has published numerous much-quoted books and articles on holocaust both in English and French has been repeatedly summoned to court for "intentionally distorting the historical facts" and been subject to physical and publicity attacks of many Zionist organizations.

It is this dual-standard treatment of the issue that makes any reader and researcher wonder about the authenticity of the claims of European states who self-claim themselves as democratic and liberal countries and boast of having the support of public votes behind themselves.

Despite all their claims, these very countries never allow people to say a single word against holocaust. They use the anti-Semitism law as a tool to suppress any voices rising against the influential Zionists sitting in Tel Aviv even though what they say is utterly based on scientific research conclusions.

They are scared of seeing people realize the fact that contrary to what they are trying to pretend, the Zionists see the establishment of the Hitlerite Nazism not as a catastrophe but as a brilliant and unique historical opportunity to get to their objectives; given the fact that it provided the chance for the Jewish agency to materialize its old dream of the congregational movement of Jews from all parts of the world to the so-called "promised land".

The Zionists are basically exploiting the forged term of "holocaust", with all its implied political, economic and psychological applications, to attain two principle objectives. By trying to depict the Jews as victims of holocaust and sanctifying it, the Zionists want to first) provoke the feelings of the Jewish tribe and 2) bar any broad and global opposition to the Israeli criminal actions against the Palestinians.

That is exactly for these reasons that the Zionists are reluctant to hear any antagonistic voices from world politicians, thinkers and intellectuals. The remarks made by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so far that why the Palestinian people must pay the price for the holocaust terrified Tel Aviv leaders.

They are fully aware that challenging dimensions of holocaust by the head of a country which is considered a key player in the international scene would bring despair for them.

They know that any breaking of the old-established taboo of making anti-Zionist remarks in the United Nations – before the heads of as many as 200 world countries – would pave the way for other scholars and thinkers who like the Iranian president have serious doubts about the authenticity and nature of Zionist claims about holocaust but lack his courage or the opportunity to publicly express their attitudes.

Director of the Canadian Association for Free Speech Paul Fromm agrees with President Ahmadinejad’s remarks, saying: "I believe it is wrong to have Palestinians pay the price for the crimes committed by Europeans and for them to lose their country. I also believe that the hollow myth of holocaust was originally made up to project a sense of guilt and shame in northern Europe and North American nations.

The myth has so far enabled the Jews to get billions of dollars from Germany and other world countries. The notion of holocaust has also prepared the minds of people in Europe and America to justify the brutality of the Zionist regime against Palestinians.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, too, has already elaborated on the objectives the Zionists are pursuing by focusing on the issue of holocaust and the crematoria ovens as a propaganda strategy: the aim is to show the Jews as a victimized tribe.

The fact that visiting the holocaust museum is included on the schedule of any ranking official visiting Palestine proves this very point.

Anyway, Auschwitz occupies the most significant position in the myth of holocaust Zionists are trying so hard to sanctify. For Zionists, Auschwitz is not merely a so-called death camp or a crematorium; it is the symbol and the embodiment of all those things which constitute the identity and essence of a regime called Israel.
Iran and the neo-Nazi movement are propaganda allies.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Zionist secret-weapon turns Ahmadinejad speech into gloop

Ready, aim, gloop!
IRI President said here Monday ignorance is not the major problem related to Zionism, arguing, "In campaign against this malignant phenomenon cultural work does not suffice, since there is also need for ending Zionists’ advantage taking of international political means."

According to IRNA Political Desk reporter, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was speaking at the International Durban Review Conference (Durban II) in Geneva, themed Campaign against Racism, added in his address, "The demand of the nations should be respected, the strong will of the unified governments for uprooting the openly observed racism should be harmonized, and the brave move towards reforming the international relations and apparatus should begin."

He reiterated, "Today the human society is faced with a type of racism whose ugly face has became big shame for the global community."
The weapon was previously used on North Korea.
Ahmadinejad considered Zionism as the full manifestation of racism, adding, "Zionism’s claim of being religiously inclined is a lie resorting to which it has managed to manipulate the feelings of some ignorant people and to hide its real face."

The Iranian political leader said, “What needs to be put in the focus of attention is the (major) objectives of certain big powers and those that have vast interests around the globe, taking advantage of their economic and political influence and their broad scale media power in vain, relying on the comprehensive backing of the Zionist regime to decrease the ugliness of its existence."

The president added, "Beyond doubt all of you have become well aware of the great efforts made by world power centers aimed at deviating the path of this assembly from its real mission’s pathway."
Inducing that much redundancy is against the Geneva Conventions, but what can you do?
Ahmadinejad said, "Unfortunately, the literature of supporting the Zionists that is in other words partnership and being accomplices with them in the crimes they commit, is seen clearly and this increases the responsibility of the representatives of nations at the atmosphere of this anti-human trend and appropriate reforms in relations and behaviors." [...]
When we get through with him, not even Juan Cole will be able to translate his utterances!
The IRI President reiterated, "The shape taking of the global society, practical possibility of the shape taking of a shared global system and the entry of the thinkers, managers and people of the world for dynamic and fair participation in major, fundamental decision makings is the doomed path of this great move." [...]
The people in the front rows had hefty dry-cleaning bills to deal with . . .

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Plot against Ahmadinejad "defused"

According to Reuters:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prompted a walkout from his speech to a U.N. racism summit on Monday when he accused Israel of establishing a "cruel and repressive racist regime" over the Palestinians.
The Iranian press, however, puts a somewhat different spin on the incident: Fars News: "Urgent: Durban Conf. Participants Defuse Plot against Iranian President":
Thousands of participants at the Durban Review Conference in Geneva on Monday defused a plot by the Zionist lobbies to insult Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and heckle his inaugural address to the conference.

As the Iranian president was delivering a speech to the conference, a participant sought to insult him by throwing an object to his face, but over 4500 representatives of the NGOs and human rights activists attending the convention asked the Iranian president to continue his address and gave him repeated applause.

"I demand all participants to forgive them. They are uninformed people," Ahmadinejad said before going on with his speech.

Following the incident, a minority of representatives from 23 organizations and states left the hall in protest of Ahmadinejad's speech. But thousands of others, including the United Nations representatives remained in the hall as Ahmadinejad continued, calling Israel a cruel and racist state and accusing Zionists of using the Holocaust as an excuse to steal Arab land.

Ahmadinejad also called Zionism a form of racism.

Those who remained in the hall expressed support for Ahmadinejad's ideas all throughout the speech.

Zionist lobbies had long voiced their deep concerns over Ahmadinejad's attendance at the conference, saying that his presence could invoke decisions against the Israeli regime.

Earlier on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi described Ahmadinejad's presence in Durban 2 conference as a "premeditated and precise" move. [...]

A similar scenario faced failure when a few participants sought to heckle Ahmadinejad's address to a question-and-answer meeting at Columbo University in the US around two years ago.

While members of certain Zionist lobbies tried to stop the speech by the Iranian president at the University, thousands of participants inside and outside the hall gave Ahmadinejad repeated applause and asked him to continue his words.

Following the Colombo University incident two years ago, US hawks and pro-Israeli politicians expressed strong anger at the university President Lee Bollinger for his invitation to Ahmadinejad, and viewed the academic meeting as a failure for Washington policies to isolate Tehran, saying that Ahmadinejad had succeeded in delivering his ideas and message to the American community.
The founder of Colombo University

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

What were they up to in North Korea over Pesach?

Since I was involved in the imperialist festival of Pesach, my Juche-oriented posting was temporarily suspended. What did we miss? "Dancing parties"!
Dancing parties of youth and students were held across the country on Thursday to celebrate the 16th anniversary of Kim Jong Il's election as chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

Amid the playing of songs "Confetti of Best Wishes" and "Let's Sing Our Pride in Being under Guidance of the General" dancing parties began in the plazas of the Party Founding Memorial Tower, the April 25 House of Culture and the Arch of Triumph and other places in Pyongyang.

The participants presented beautiful dancing rhythms with their boundless reverence for Kim Jong Il who has demonstrated to the whole world the dignity and might of the DPRK after establishing the unique state guidance system and political mode. [...]
One of the Great Leader's "immortal exploits" was explained:
One of the immortal exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung in arranging the foundation for building a rich and powerful country is that he had developed the Workers' Party of Korea into an invincible one.
The Tower of the Juche Idea has been drawing an "endless stream of visitors":
An endless stream of people at home, Koreans overseas and foreign friends are visiting the Tower of the Juche Idea standing on the bank of the River Taedong in Pyongyang.

This grand tower was unveiled with a large attendance on April 15, Juche 71 (1982), the 70th birthday of President Kim Il Sung, representing the ardent desire of the Korean people and the world progressive people to hand down to posterity the ideological and theoretical exploits of the President, the founder of the immortal Juche idea. [...]
"Evening Galas" were held:
Evening galas of youth and students took place here and in other parts of the country on Wednesday to commemorate the 97th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

Youth and students held an evening gala at the plaza of the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium. They danced to the tune of such songs as "My Country Is the Eternal Country of the Leader," turning the plaza into a sea of dancers with ardent longing and boundless reverence for President Kim Il Sung.
"Friendly amusement games" took place:
Amid the playing of such games as running in bag, walking with balloon on head, kicking rugby ball, partner-finding and tug-of-war, the spectators warmly cheered the players, raising the morale.
Check out the latest Haveil Havalim and you will experience more enjoyment than that of running in bag and walking with balloon on head!

IRIB Radio: "Mossad Recruiting for al-Qaeda"

As long as they don't figure out that Ahmadinejad himself is a Zionist agent:
An Algerian daily, an-Nahar, disclosed the close collaboration of the Zionist spy apparatus, Mossad, with the terrorist group al-Qaeda in deceiving and training Algerian youths to join the supposedly anti-US and anti-Israeli network, which in fact is the brainchild of the CIA. The daily writes that Israel has set up training camps in some parts of Morocco, Yemen and Algeria to recruit militias for al-Qaeda in order to destabilize the Muslim world and to try to tarnish the image of Islam.

As disclosed, the raw recruits - most of them holding dual European nationality - are dispatched illegally to the occupied land called Israel by the West.

It is worth noting that for the past 8 years since al-Qaeda became notorious on the international scene, Iranian analysts had pointed to the secret relationship of the ringleaders of this CIA-set up terrorist network with Mossad and the Zionist entity.
In the same vein.

Elsewhere in the Iranian press, Ahmadinejad is fed up with thugs:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday proposed that the national police should round up thugs and force them to do hard labor like working in "mines and deserts" until they repent their evil behaviors.

The national police should also be vigilant about other groups that seek to damage the Iranian people’s culture, he said in a speech in a police conference in Tehran. [...]
Those American reports should be allowed to "freely defend themselves," however:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issued a letter on Sunday to Tehran’s prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi, calling for administration of justice in dealing with the cases of detained reporters Roxana Saberi and Hossein Derakhshan.

According to the Presidential office, the letter called on Tehran’s prosecutor to precisely handle the case, observe administration of justice and ensure that the accused persons can freely and legally defend themselves. [...]
That's a relief . . .

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Gaza "Civilian" of the day

The top image (click to enlarge) is a screen-shot of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights listing of Gaza casualties, showing the listing for Ahmed Hani Ahmed Qannou'a which identifies him as a policeman. The second image is from a site that calls him a "Martyr Al Qassam," presumably referring to the Izzadin Al Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. Does this mean that PCHR is outright lying? It is hard to say. Ahmed Hani perhaps did have some sort of police title (other pictures from the site show him in a spiffy uniform) although that doesn't necessarily mean much. The LA Times observed in January:
Hamas, the militant group that has controlled Gaza since mid-2007, has an estimated 20,000-strong security force composed of police; Protection and Security, a unit similar to the U.S. Secret Service; and Internal Security, an intelligence and interrogation squad with a rising reputation for brutality.

Many security force members moonlight with the Izzidin al-Qassam Brigade . . .
This post was made possible by the extremely important work currently being done by EOZ and PT Watch. They are the ones (now that PCHR's statistics have been widely and uncritically disseminated by the mainstream media) who have been checking PCHR's list against Palestinian news sites and sites that memorialize "martyrs." If you have a blog which covers the Middle East or Israel, please link to them.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My head's exploding, too--can I have a link?

My head just went kaflooey! Bits of skull are sticking in the ceiling. Brain is dripping down the wall. What made my head explode? It appears that Glen Beck and Charles Johnson of LGF are--oh no!--saying critical things about each other!!!! My head, my head . . . aaaaaaaaaaagh . . . kaflooey!!!!! There, it exploded again. That's pretty cool, actually. Did you know the same head can explode multiple times? I never realized how limiting it was to have one's brain enclosed within a skull. It's a pity actually, they both (Glen and Charles, not my brain and my skull) do good work. Or maybe it isn't a pity, maybe some attention-getting controversy is just what the right-wing needs right now--that sort of attention would definitely be OK with me.

Maybe I need to mount a new attack on somebody. Ready? Here goes. iowahawk better stop satirizing the precious treasure-sword of Songun!!! The Korean people are rallying close around the headquarters of the revolution in the spirit of Mt. Paektu with the might of single-minded unity and the mental power peculiar to them. Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is giving invaluable field-guidance to the art squad of the Hungnam fertilizer complex! How dare iowahawk sully the immortal deeds of the peerlessly great persons with a bunch of imperialist hues and cries about Western trailer-park ruffians and fireworks! iowahawk would be gravely mistaken if he thinks he can bring the DPRK on its knees by satire!

Let the heads explode . . .

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hamas addresses certain leftist fantasies

It won't convince them:
Two top Hamas leaders made their first appearances at public events since Israel's Gaza war on Friday, signaling defiance of rival Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he discussed peace prospects with a U.S. envoy.

"We cannot, we will not, and we will never recognize the enemy in any way, shape or form," Mahmoud Zahar, one of the two leaders, said in a mosque sermon broadcast on the Islamist movement's radio station. [...]
(Hat Tip: Adam Holland)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Larijani criticizes "the new US administration's shifty stance on Iran"

Obama is kinda shifty, isn't he?
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly criticized the new US administration's shifty stance on Iran.

"The conduct of the US leaders resembles that of political prowlers. Violations of human rights, widespread dictatorship, and financial havoc are the main symptoms of their behavior," Ali Larijani was quoted by press tv as saying on Sunday, while addressing the first open session of the parliament in the new Iranian year.

The Iranian parliament speaker's comments came as the new US President Barack Obama, in a speech in Prague, vowed to hang on to the controversial US plan to set up a missile system in Eastern Europe until an 'Iranian missile threat' is eliminated.

"As long as the threat from Iran persists, we will go forward with the missile system," said Obama.

Meantime, Obama, in an attempt to soften Washington's harsh tone on Iran, called on the international community to respect Tehran's sovereignty in their efforts to deal with Tehran's nuclear program.

"There should be a mechanism that respects Iran's sovereignty and allows them to develop peaceful nuclear energy but draws a clear line that we cannot have nuclear arms race in the Middle East," he told reporters during a joint news conference with his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy on Friday. [...]
His concern about a "nuclear arms race in the Middle East" is touching. One thing's for sure, the conduct of the latest Haveil Havalim does not resemble that of political prowlers.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

North Korean "satellite" transmitting Juche tunes

The new "satellite" is transmitting some Songun ditties. It isn't clear whether it is doing this from outer space or the bottom of the ocean, but the real question is whether the version of "Song of General Kim Jong Il" used was recorded by the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex Art Circle:
[...] The satellite is going round the earth along its elliptic orbit at the angle of inclination of 40.6 degrees at 490 km perigee and 1 426 km apogee. Its cycle is 104 minutes and 12 seconds.

Mounted on the satellite are necessary measuring devices and communications apparatuses.

The satellite is going round on its routine orbit.

It is sending to the earth the melodies of the immortal revolutionary paeans "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of General Kim Jong Il" and measured information at 470 MHz. By the use of the satellite the relay communications is now underway by UHF frequency band.

The satellite is of decisive significance in promoting the scientific researches into the peaceful use of outer space and solving scientific and technological problems for the launch of practical satellites in the future.

Carrier rocket Unha-2 has three stages.

The carrier rocket and the satellite developed by the indigenous wisdom and technology are the shining results gained in the efforts to develop the nation's space science and technology on a higher level.

The successful satellite launch symbolic of the leaping advance made in the nation's space science and technology was conducted against the background of the stirring period when a high-pitched drive for bringing about a fresh great revolutionary surge is under way throughout the country to open the gate to a great prosperous and powerful nation without fail by 2012, the centenary of birth of President Kim Il Sung, under the far-reaching plan of General Secretary Kim Jong Il. This is powerfully encouraging the Korean people all out in the general advance.
Aren't we going to get bored after a while with just the "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of General Kim Jong Il"? Maybe it could switch to "Happiness of Being under the Care of Respected Supreme Commander" or "Let's Sing of Our Pride in Being under the Guidance of the General." Juche culture is so rich in possibilities.

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Two hearts beat as one

Here's that alliance of Islamism and the Left:
Iran and Venezuelan presidents in a joint statement in Tehran said the current global economic crisis has a western nature and has been caused by unfair capitalist system adding that the system has lost its efficiency and has been expired.
I'd say that's a powerful affirmation of the greatness of capitalism.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Informed map-wiping

Mean ol' Aswan caused me to weep and moan:
The world has had a lot of fun laughing at the pronouncements of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who stands falsely accused of threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the map. But Ahmadinejad has protested that it would be wrong to kill large numbers of civilians.

In contrast, Lieberman has threatened to wipe at least two countries, Egypt and Palestine, off the map. Monstrously, he suggested bombing the Aswan Dam, which would have the effect of murdering all 80 million Egyptians and sweeping them into the Mediterranean in a vast continental African tsunami.
How epic!

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Dar Al Hayat: "One Qadhafi Is Enough for Us"

The "other Qaddafi" is one Hugo Chavez:
[...] Another 'Qadhafi' appears in South America in the person of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who came to the summit carrying a book he had written about 'the Arab revolution,' with a picture of Gamal Abdel Nasser on the cover. He then proceeded to declaim a speech no less 'revolutionary' than that of our dreamy 'General,' calling for the revival of 'Nasserism' as if it were a political ideology rather than a mere political-emotional phase that is linked to a President and that ended with his departure - its political, economic, and social motives and circumstances having faded with time. We can't understand why Chavez is so interested and passionate about our region, while he has - if he wishes so - his country and a whole region that suffers from political, social, and developmental backwardness. Also, who said that he, who has come to politics from the army with an attempt at a military coup followed by a constitutional overthrow, knows and understands what Arabs need today, for him to take out from his pocket a 'prescription' they have tried and gone beyond? Is Chavez really able to grasp the implications of our region, which even some of its leaders cannot assimilate? Can he give out solutions to our problems, he who only heard about us after he came to power, only visited our region on official occasions, and only heard about our world from a bunch of advisors who neither speak our language nor understand our concerns?

The least of what can be said on the 'cure' prescribed by the Latin American 'doctor' for our ailments is that it will most assuredly heighten our suffering, especially if we were to mix it with a similar prescription suggested by the Iranian 'doctor' Ahmadinejad, who calls us to a 'continued revolution' and 'an endless fight.' Perhaps the circle of 'curers' will be complete when the coming Arab summit convenes in Libya itself. We beg you to have mercy on us. One Qadhafi is enough for us.
You have to hand it to Arab writers sometimes. They are good at conveying disgust.

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Hard facts not accepted

Someone named Steven Lendmen answers an LA Times editorial by Judea Pearl. Evidently, the definition of a "fact" is anything argued by Shlomo Zand:
Pearl can’t accept the hard facts that Tel Aviv University Professor Shlomo Zand documented in his important 2008 book: When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? It exposes biblical nonsense comprising core Zionist beliefs about Jews:

* that ancient Romans expelled them;
* their exodus from Egypt, then left to wander the earth rootless;
* enslaved, oppressed, and tormented for centuries; and
* the myth that God bestowed a “Greater Israel” for Jews alone – “A land without people for a people without land.” According to Israeli journalist Tom Segev and others:
* there never was a Jewish people, just a Jewish religion;
* there was no exile, therefore no return, and much of the Jewish Diaspora was voluntary; and
* the story was a Zionist invention, a conspiracy to justify a future Jewish state, and now vilify Palestinian self-determination as a plot to destroy it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ahmadinejad: "the entire prestigious personalities are quite invulnerable"

The articles at IRNA are often stridently anti-American and downright paranoid, but the English they are written in is usually competent. This one sinks into the tar pits of totalitarian blather:
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Wednesday Iranian nation has most energetically and from the bottom of their hearts remained faithful to martyrs’ ideals and would keep on safeguard its prestige for good.

According to IRNA’s dispatched reporter, President Ahmadinejad who was unexpectedly visiting the Fat’hol-Mobin Operation zone of the Iraqi imposed war, located in Shoush-e-Danial region, gave an address for the Iranian New Year, Norouz, visitors of the war zones.

He said, "Today dozens of millions of Iran’s youths and teen aged folks are ready for construction, advancement and proceeding of their country towards peaks of perfection with their idealistic thoughts and ambitions, their strong beliefs, and their selfless efforts."

Ahmadinejad emphasized, "I thank the Almighty God for granting me this opportunity to have a pilgrimage of this holy region along with you pious and revolutionary people."

Addressing the pilgrims and members of the caravans titled "Rahiayan-e-Nour" (Wayfarers of Light), the president reiterated, "Today you have come to the operation zones to transmit a great message to the entire world."

He added, "The (imposed war) operation zones are among the best places that can give incentives and energy to people and encourage the human beings in their pursuit of exalted and idealistic objectives."

Pointing out that the great personalities make the history and the fate of the mankind, Ahmadinejad said, "Great personalities always spend their entire efforts aimed at achieving exalted and divine goals and that is why they pave the path for the advancement and perfection of the mankind."

The president said that the prestige and high esteem of the human beings are among the most important divine values, adding, "The Almighty Allah has created the human beings with high esteems and they are all dear for God, to an extent that the prestige of a human being is so important that it is worth sacrificing his entirety for it."

He furthermore reiterated, "The entire oppressors, hegemonic powers and corrupt countries throughout history have initially aimed their plots at the prestige of the human beings, because a man deprived of his self esteem would yield to all types of humiliation and would easily be trampled upon and annihilated."

Ahmadinejad said that the entire prestigious personalities are quite invulnerable, adding, "It is impossible for the oppressors to exert their hegemony over those nations and societies that have tasted the good taste of prosperity."

According to him, the entire oppressor powers are after demolishing the self esteem of those nations whom they wish to impose their hegemony against them, particularly the Iranian nation.

The president referred the invasion of the Ba’th regime of Iraq against Iran soon after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and invading the Iranian borders in the northwest and southwest of our country, stressing, "Shortly after the victory of our revolution the oppressors and the global oppression organized a chain of barbarism and forwarded it towards the Iranian nation in an aggressive move."

Ahmadinejad emphasized, "The Iranian nation prestigiously, bravely and with a high self esteem and unique belief hoisted its flag, and then defended it, so that today, the Iranians are a great and dear nation."
The flavor of this vintage is crisp and fruity with North Korean notes.
Ahmadinejad added, "Praise is worthy of the martyrs, the freed prisoners of war, the combatants, and the 'Mujahid' Iranian nation that with their exemplary pride disheartened the enemy and did not permit the banner of prestige of the Iranian nation to fall on the ground."

He said, "Praise is worthy of the pious Iranian nation that showed the entire world nations with their presence at the south operation fields that the way and the ideals of the martyrs of the revolution still have mighty wayfarers."
There is nothing as satisfying to a writer as finding just the right word.

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