Sunday, January 31, 2010

"All People Called upon to Display Their Mental Power"

In other words, to make a superhuman effort to almost believe the Songun rhetoric for a split-second:
In order to glorify the significant year 2010 as a year of radical changes to be specially recorded in the history of the country it is necessary to conduct a widespread ideological campaign on all fronts for building a thriving nation to give fullest rein to the mental power of all the service personnel and people, urges Rodong Sinmun Friday in an editorial.

The Workers' Party of Korea unrolled a far-reaching plan and an operation for bringing about a landmark turn in the people's standard of living, giving an unprecedented momentum to the general offensive, the editorial notes, and goes on:

The on-going ideological campaign is an all-out offensive for remarkably increasing the speed of the advance for effecting a great surge with the might of the perfect unity of the leader and all the service personnel and people and a charge for giving fullest play to their mental power so that events adding luster to the era of Songun may take place one after another.

It is necessary to bring about more dramatic turns and realize a nobler ideal than last year while waging this year's general offensive for improving the people's standard of living.

All the people are called upon to intensify the drive for effecting a great surge aimed at improving the people's standard of living with the strong spirit of national dignity, the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and fortitude and the spirit of noble love for future and devoted service and thus strikingly demonstrate once again before the whole world the spirit and stamina of Kim Il Sung's nation which has nothing impossible. [...]
The latest Haveil Havalim is also an all-out offensive for remarkably increasing the speed of the advance for effecting a great surge.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cops confiscate lechaims

They've gone too far!!!
Montreal police seized a large quantity of alcohol from an Outremont synagogue on Wednesday.

Officers say they’ve been warning the synagogue for years to stop buying alcohol in bulk from Ontario.

The alcohol, which is much cheaper in Ontario, is served at religious ceremonies.
That old time religion is good enough for me.
Police confiscated over 900 litres of alcohol, including Kosher wine.

According to Quebec law, such large amounts must be purchased from the SAQ. [See here.]

No charges have been laid so far and the synagogue says it will fight the law if any arrests are made.
According to Vos iz Neias, it was a Skverer shul.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the State of the Union Address

Remember when Obama had a reputation for soaring, although somewhat fluffy oratory? Those days are evidently over. This one was like watching a college professor explain to his students why most of them did poorly on the test he is about to hand back. I must confess that I sometimes found Nancy Pelosi's facial expression strategy to be more interesting than the speech: Slight nod, bat eyelashes, face brightening at selected moments. And she kept doing this thing that suggested that her lips had gotten stuck to her teeth and needed to be unstuck. Anyway, poor Obama, he has no mandate for the sort of policies he favors. And it's too late in the semester to drop the course.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Iran says its 'compelling logic' scares enemy"

This story is mostly notable for the accompanying photo, featuring Ahmadinejad's "compelling logic" expression:
A senior Iranian official said Sunday that the reason behind the animosity toward the country is its "soft power and compelling logic."

Deputy Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Baqeri told reporters in Croatia that animosity has forced the West to politicize Iran's nuclear energy program. [...]
Enemeis are also scared by the compelling logic of the latest Haveil Havalim.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little or no blogging ahead

Looks like I'll have limited computer access for the next week or so. See you when I get back.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ahmadinejad: "Enemies get angry if one challenges Holocaust"

According to the reactivated Judeosphere blog, Mark Weber is abandoning Holocaust denial. Ahmadinejad, however, is keeping the flame alive (and a bit incoherent):
Addressing a group of scholars and elites in Khuzestan, President Ahmadinejad said, "Enemies become angry if one challenges the Holocaust, because they have used it for decades to justify their attacks on other people."

President Ahmadinejad criticized the passivity of some politicians and said, "Are we supposed to always wait till they bombard us with their baseless questions? Are we supposed to use all our energy to answer their questions?"

The IRI President concluded that the only way to tackle this problem is "to be active and constantly challenge those who become angry when one questions the Holocaust. We should claim that when a massacre happens anywhere in the world they have a hand in it."

President Ahmadinejad added that Iran should be active in managing the world based on our cultural principles.
Fars has more of Mahmoud's presidential pronouncements: "Ahmadinejad Blames Zionists for Assassination of Iranian N. scientist":
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took the Zionist regime responsible for the Tuesday terrorist attack on an Iranian nuclear physics scientist and university lecturer.

The report of experts on the explosion scene indicates that the assassination was conducted based on the Zionists methods, Ahmaniejad said in a meeting with provincial elites and university professors in the southwestern province of Khuzestan on Thursday.

Condemning the terror of Iranian Physics Professor Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, he reiterated the enemies cannot eradicate Iranian elites by killing them.

President Ahmadinejad said the Islamic Republic of Iran is full of elites and if one of them is killed, over 100 people will replace them. [...]
So the vast majority of their elites are on standby?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahmadinejad announces plan to "eradicate unemployment within 3 years" while seemingly dressed for new-age bar mitzvah

The kippah-effect is just a trick of the light, I guess. Anyway, I particularly savor articles about Mahmoud's goofy, ill-fated economic plans:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says implementation of the "targeted subsidy system" will eradicate unemployment and poverty within three years in Iran.

"Iran is a rich country and if justice is established not even a single person will be unemployed or poor," Ahmadinejad said in his address to people in the southwestern province of Khuzestan on Wednesday.

"I have also assured the parliament members that if the plan is implemented by a smooth mechanism, Iran will not have even a single jobless or poor within three years," Mehr news agency quoted Ahmadinejad as saying.

Iran's Guardian Council has approved the legislation aimed at gradually cutting the government's subsidies on energy and food items.

The body's spokesman Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei said on Wednesday that the bill complies with Islamic laws and the Iranian Constitution.

Iran's Parliament (Majlis) ratified the bill proposed by the government after making some amendments to it.

The 'Economic Reform Plan' will allow the government to establish an organization to enforce the plan.
Good thinking! Elsewhere in the Iranian press,an illiterate-sounding IRIB headline announces "West fake Israel to dominate ME":
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the western powers seek military presence in the Middle East and human rights, war on terror, and fight against nuclear weapons are merely excuses to justify their presence, IRIB reported Wednesday.

Addressing a group of people in Ahwaz, southwest Iran, President Ahmadinejad spoke of three main features that make Middle East a key point in the world.

"The Middle East has always been the birthplace of civilization, culture, and thought. All messengers of God have come from the area. Second is that our region is the world's main energy resource. Whoever wants to control energy supplies in the world should have dominance in the Middle East," President Ahmadinejad said. [...]

"For hundreds of years the western powers have sought dominance in the Middle East. The very foundation of the Zionist regime was to fulfill this dream," President Ahmadinejad added.

The IRI President asserted that they changed their plans when they couldn't achieve their goals through fraud, and old methods of exploitation.

"Even the September 11 attacks sound very fishy. Many experts believe it was the Zionists and Americans' plot to bring their forces to the region," IRI President added.
"Experts" in what subject? Just wondering. At Fars we learn "Basij Commander Vows to Take Revenge on US over Recent Events":
Commander of Basij (volunteer) forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi on Wednesday warned that Tehran will take revenge on the US for its involvement in the recent events in Iran, including assassination of a renowned nuclear scientist and university professor.

"People are angry at those who staged the scene of recent events and terror attacks, but revenge should be taken from the US itself for these crimes and, God willing, this will happen," Naqdi said, addressing a gathering of Basij commanders here in Tehran. [...]

"...the terror attack against martyr Ali Mohammadi showed that the democrats ruling the White House have reached a dead-end and are staging a scenario which Carter performed 30 years ago," Naqdi said. [...]
You don't suppose they perceive Obama as weak, do you? We conclude with a PressTV headline: "Green sea slug is half animal, half plant." Now why does that story appeal to them? Reminds them of the Khomeinist regime? By the way, some are reporting that Moussad Ali-Mohammad, that assassinated scientist, "had opposition links." The Khomeinist green sea slug strikes!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asharq Alawsat: "The Muslim Ummah is Killing Itself"

The title says it all:
If you look at the world's map, you will find that acts of killing and bombing are primarily rife in the Islamic countries. In Palestine, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan you can see bloodshed, death, attacks on the infrastructure, and destruction of buildings. You will see factions accusing each other of apostasy. You will see fatwas flying around rendering someone's blood forfeit, declaring him exiled from the Muslim community, and banning him from Paradise. [...]

Does anyone heed the prophet's declaration, may God's prayers and peace be upon him: “He who raises arms in our face is not of us.” Remember also the prophet's command: “You are forbidden to shed each other's blood or encroach on each other's property or honor. It is forbidden to you to do this just as it is forbidden to you to violate this holy day in this holy month in this holy land.”

Why is the rest of the world engaged in manufacture, construction, production, creativity, invention, and discovery while the nation of Islam is immersed in hostility, divisions, infighting, and mutual accusations of apostasy? The nation of Islam's news is at the forefront of the world's news bulletins in the newspapers and satellite television stations. You hear nothing except the news of bodies torn limb from limb, skulls crushed, children orphaned, wives widowed, buildings demolished, bridges blown up, cities set on fire, economic development hindered, innocent people terrorized, and the progress of knowledge and development obstructed.

Where are the nation's Ulema, statesmen, wise men, and intellectuals? Until when will these massacres continue? When will the bloodshed end? When will the chapters of this satanic, hate-filled saga be closed? When will this filthy game be terminated? When will our conscience awake? When will we go back to our senses and obey our holy scriptures in the Koran and the prophet's Sunnah, which call for mercy, security, concord, and the renunciation of divisions, hatred, and infighting? Do not those killers in the cities of Islam who raise arms against innocent, unarmed civilians and their children feel any shame? Do not we have enough poverty, unemployment, and injustice in the Islamic countries so that new sects should arise to add calamities to our calamities? [...]
I think Asharq Alawsat articles are usually translated. I wonder what it is like to read this in Arabic. Follow the link to read the whole essay.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Islamic Sheitel?

From Michael Totten's blog (quoting Amir Taheri):
To counter the Islamist claim that the hijab blocks the dangerous, lust-provoking rays emanating from a woman's hair, some women have proposed other forms of hijab. One Iranian designer came out with a wig made of horsehair, thus ensuring that a woman's own hair remains hidden while she still "looks like a normal human being."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Iran's Missile Power Beyond Enemies' Imagination"

Iran's blather power is also unimaginable:
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi hailed Iran's missile power, saying that the country's missile capability is way beyond the boundaries of enemies' imagination.

"The deterrent power of the Islamic Republic of Iran's missiles goes beyond the enemies' imagination," Vahidi said, visiting a missile command center of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)'s Navy on Sunday.

He also warned against the enemies' attempts to launch propaganda and psychological war against Iran.

"Despite the negative ploy and poisoned propaganda launched by the enemies, the deterrent power of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different aspects, including its missile equipments, serves as a means of attaining national and regional security and blinding the greedy eyes of the aggressors and repelling the possible aggression of the sworn enemies of the Islamic Republic," the minister reiterated. [...]
"Missile equipments" work against psychological war? If you say so.

Poems "call for accelerating the development of light industry and agriculture once again"

Giving even greater play to the might of Songun quatrains:
Poets of the Central Committee of the Writers Union of Korea created many poems and words of songs encouraging the army and people of the DPRK in the advance for a great surge.

"May the powerful country leap higher!" and other poems truthfully represent the firm faith and will of the army and people to successfully realize the noble intention of General Secretary Kim Jong Il who is making an endless indefatigable forced march for the prosperity of the country and the people's happiness.

Among those poems are poems "Bumper harvest visits fields in October" and "Smelter's heart is seething with enthusiasm like molten iron." They earnestly call for accelerating the development of light industry and agriculture once again in response to the joint New Year editorial to bring about a radical turn in the people's standard of living, push back the frontiers of science and technology in all sectors of the national economy including the four vanguard sectors and set new standards and records.

Poets also created words of songs including "The world, look at DPRK", "From victory to greater victory", "Every happiness in full bloom under socialism" and "Smelter's optimism".
The latest Haveil Havalim is also making an endless indefatigable forced march for the prosperity of the country and the people's happiness.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Juan Cole's essence in one paragraph

I believe he has done us a favor by writing this:
The Arabic press is confirming that al-Balawi was further enraged by the Israeli war on poor little Gaza last winter. A physician, he volunteered to be part of a group that intended to go to Gaza to do relief work for the victims of Israel's brutal targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure. (The Israelis were trying to destroy the fundamentalist Hamas party, which rules Gaza, and gave as their pretext the occasional rockets Hamas fired into Israel, though in fact there had been a truce for much of 2008, a truce of which the Israelis coldly took advantage to plan their war.)
Besides the stunningly slanted phrasing in this paragraph, note Cole's contribution to that ever-expanding genre: the misleading (or mendacious) account of the events leading up Operation Cast Lead. On December 20th 2008, Hamas, not Israel, formally announced that it was not renewing the cease-fire. It followed up its announcement with a barrage of those "occasional" rockets it called "Operation Oil Stain," starting December 24th. Operation Cast Lead began on December 27th.

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There are three Muslim organizations called MPAC that I know of. The English and Irish ones both have blog-like websites. Here is a sentence from a post at the website of the Irish one:
The US taxpayer pays billions to keep Jewish Zionists in condos and relative luxury while their own people wallow in misery and poverty.
Hey, where's my condo?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Burning question of the day at MPAC-UK: "What should I do with my Alwaki CD's?"

"Chaudri, a Muslim student studying engineering at a British University" asks:
About 5 years ago I came across two CD box sets that are lectures by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki about the companions Umar Al Khattab and Abubakr As Siddiq.

Now that the West have for all intents and purposes labelled Awlaki as the new Osama Bin Laden, what shall I do with the CDs? They seem OK to me, but judging by the track record of the authorities, I'm not sure my view counts for anything.

Dear MPACUK, would you have any advice for me on this matter?
The ensuing comment thread is predictably vituperative.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Ahmadinejad "condemns US plots in Pakistan"

The Big Satan is trying to "impose some inappropriate conditions" on Pakistan. That's the Khomeinist political style: crazy and vague.
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned on Sunday the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan and stressed that Pakistani nation and government should be aware of US plots.

Speaking at the cabinet session, President Ahmadinejad reaffirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has called for the region's security and tranquility.

Referring to the US plans to intensify the clashes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he added there is no doubt that Americans are responsible for the brutal explosions in Pakistan.

Americans are trying to create clashes and stress in Pakistan to impose some inappropriate conditions on the country, he said adding in the case Pakistani nation and government should pay for it for many years. [...]
World Arrogance tentacles may threaten Pakistan, but things are looking up in Iran. According to a Fars headline, "Iran Arrests Several Foreigners with Main Roles in Recent Unrests":
Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi announced on Monday that the country's security forces arrested a number of foreign nationals during the unrests on December 27.

"Some of the arrestees are foreign nationals who sought (to launch) propaganda and psychological war (against Iran)," Moslehi told reporters without pointing to the number of the foreign detainees arrested on the day of Ashoura.

He declared that the Iranian forces had seized some cameras and other equipments from the foreign arrestees, who had entered Iran on December 25, people. [...]
So they should have that unfortunate business of "unrests" wrapped up momentarily. Things are also coming along in Gaza, as an IRIB headline announces, "Hamas approves 540-million-dollar budget":
Gaza-based Palestinian government, Hamas on Monday announced a 540-million-dollar (377-million-euro) budget for 2010 with just 55 million dollars coming from taxes and other local sources of revenue.

Israel and Egypt have sealed Gaza off from all but vital goods since June 2007, nevertheless the government has regularly paid 22,000 civil servants, including thousands of security forces. [...]
That's good to hear--you need a solid paycheck to get through a humanitarian crisis.

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Gutturals take their toll

The Economist currently features a wonderful article on languages that are difficult for various reasons. The following incredible paragraph is a sample:
For sound complexity, one language stands out. !Xóõ, spoken by just a few thousand, mostly in Botswana, has a blistering array of unusual sounds. Its vowels include plain, pharyngealised, strident and breathy, and they carry four tones. It has five basic clicks and 17 accompanying ones. The leading expert on the !Xóõ, Tony Traill, developed a lump on his larynx from learning to make their sounds. Further research showed that adult !Xóõ-speakers had the same lump (children had not developed it yet).
(h/t: Discarded Lies)

ISNA: “If the UK does not stop speaking nonsense, Iran will respond it"

When Iranian officials start using "respond" as a transitive verb, then you know they're really mad:
If the UK does not stop speaking nonsense, Iran will respond it firmly, said Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on Tuesday.

The UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband praised Sunday post-election protests in Tehran describing them "courageous."

"If the UK does not stop speaking nonsense, Iran will respond it," said Mottaki referring to Miliband’s remarks.

"Ridiculous remarks of certain foreign officials show their embarrassing record," he said on Tuesday in a press conference with his Somalia’s Foreign Minister in Tehran.

He then regarding supply of nuclear fuel for Tehran’s research reactor said, Iran has informed the West that if it does not make a specific decision whether to sell or swap fuel, Iran will take measures to provide it.

"This is the deadline we set and we can’t wait any longer, they are aware of the deadline that Iran has set for them," he added.

Such remarks and Ashura events show that some are not willing to accept the democratic framework based on peoples participation in defining their fate, he noted.

ZTAOF on the move

Some breathless paranoia courtesy of JANA, Libya's news agency:
Zionist Terrorist Army Organization Forces has reinforced its forces recently and supported its units deployed in parts of the West Bank.

Egyptian Middle East News Agency said today : ( The Israeli army has made new changes on its forces in the occupied West Bank where several reserve units were deployed carrying out intensive training including firing live ammunition and training to face resistance factions ).

The News Agency quoted an Israeli report as saying : ( Israeli Reserve forces will remain in the West Bank and will join combat units ).

The Egyptian News Agency indicated that Israeli sources have uncovered that a meeting of Israeli senior military officers during which they discussed new schemes to prepare for new coming wars .. confirming that the Israeli army is ready to confront any Arab Army that may take part in the war ) .

Plot to deprive Israeli cabinet ministers of edible food

[...] Acting unilaterally, [Israeli Cabinet Secretary Zvi] Hauser changed the menu of snacks available to ministers at cabinet meetings, the Yediot Ahronot daily wrote Monday.

In place of the usual fare of pastries, croissants and borekas (a dough-like pastry filled with cheese or potato), ministers were forced Sunday to sit through the weekly cabinet session munching on granola, vegetables, low-fat yogurt, and wash it all down with water instead of the usual sweetened fruit juice. [...]
Fortunately some ministers are taking a stand for normal nosh:
Three, whose names the Israeli daily said were available on request, "formed a coalition and stated unequivocally: 'Bring back the borekas or there will be a government crisis'."

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Iran rejects Kerry visit

We can breathe a sigh of relief. Iran would certainly have achieved a propaganda victory. And that's just the best-case scenario:
Iranian legislators on Sunday rejected a request filed by Head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry for paying a visit to Iran.

"Members of the Iranian parliament's Foreign Relations Committee (a subcommittee of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission) voiced opposition to the request after studying the issue," Head of the Committee Hassan Ebrahimi told FNA.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast last week confirmed reports that John Kerry has filed a request for visiting Tehran.

"Since it (the request) is for a parliamentary visit, the issue has been referred to the parliament. The legislative officials are studying the case and they are in charge for providing a response," Mehman-Parast said at a weekly press conference here in Tehran on Tuesday. [...]

Last Tuesday Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani advised Senator Kerry to end the United States' hostile policies towards the Islamic Republic, particularly regarding the nuclear issue, instead of paying a visit to the country.
Also at Fars News, a headline proclaims "Iran Mulling Measures to Downgrade Ties with Britain":
Iranian lawmakers are discussing ways to lower Tehran's relations with Britain following London's interference in Iran's domestic affairs, announced a member of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission on Sunday.

"The issue was discussed, and the view followed by the national security commission calls for a downgrading of relations with the country (Britain) to the level of charge d'affaires," commission member Mehdi Sanaei told FNA.

Iran has repeatedly accused the West of stoking post-election unrests, singling out Britain and the US for meddling, and expelled two British diplomats and arrested a number of local staffs of British embassy in Tehran after documents and evidence substantiated London's interfering role in stirring post-election riots in Iran.

British embassy's local staff in Tehran Hossein Rassam, who was charged with spying, admitted cultivating networks of contacts in the opposition movement using a £300,000 budget.

He also confessed that the local staff of the embassy had attended protests against June's presidential election results along with two British diplomats, named in court as Tom Burn and Paul Blemey, and that he had attended meetings with the defeated opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi alongside Burn.

Also following Britain's support for a group of wild demonstrators who disrespected Islamic sanctities and damaged private and public amenities and properties in Tehran last Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki blasted London's anti-Islamic Republic policies and warned the country against similar measures in future.

"These insults began when the British brought certain people like Salman Rushdi to the scene and draw insulting caricatures and wrote insulting words against Islamic sanctities," Mottaki said in the city of Bandar Gaz in northern Iran on Friday. [...]
I believe "insulting caricatures" refers to the Jyllands-Posten cartoons. Britain was behind that? That depends on whom Iran is attacking at the time, I guess.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Insufficiently vigilant Iranian soccer official resigns

The fast-track to a wrecked career:
A high-ranking official of the Iranian Football Federation (IFF) has been compelled to resign after a Happy New Year greeting was accidentally sent to the Israel Football Association.

The director of the IFF Foreign Relations Department, Mohammad-Mansour Azimzadeh, stepped down after the message, apparently sent on his behalf, reached Israeli officials — a mistake that should have never taken place.

In a statement quoted by the Fars news agency on Saturday, the Iranian Football Federation has said that messages of congratulations are sent each year to all members of FIFA except the Zionist regime, which is why it was removed from the list of addresses for New Year messages.

The statement added that a FIFA employee named Amir Navan, an Israeli of Iranian origin, forwarded the Iranian greeting message to the Israel Football Association. Following the incident, Azimzadeh submitted his resignation.

Iranian Football Federation President Ali Kafashian expressed deep remorse over the incident.

Iran severed all diplomatic and commercial ties with Israel after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Tehran does not recognize Israel as a country and refers to it as the Zionist regime and calls the land the occupied Palestinian territories. [...]
Just in case you didn't know. Elsewhere in the Iranian Press we learn that the Middle-Sized Satan was behind the anti-government riots:
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki blasted London's support for the rioters who staged wild demonstrations and disrespected Islamic sanctities in the Iranian capital last Sunday.

"These insults began when the British brought certain people like Salman Rushdi to the scene and draw insulting caricatures and wrote insulting words against Islamic sanctities," Mottaki said in the city of Bandar Gaz in northern Iran on Friday.

Referring to the western countries' interference in the internal affairs of Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran, he reiterated, "The US can do nothing against the Iranian nation but doesn't understand this and the reason for its unsuccessfulness is the beliefs of the Iranian nation."

The unrests broke out after a number of so-called supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, a defeated candidate of the July presidential election in Iran, took to the streets in Tehran on Ashoura Day last Sunday, a highly revered religious day commemorated by Shiites in Iran and across the world.

Meantime, tens of millions of Iranians were on the streets on the same day to take part in massive processions across the country to mark the anniversary of the martyrdom Imam Hossein (AS), one of Shiite Islam's most beloved leaders and grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Clashes began after demonstrators started clapping and showing happiness, insulting the mourning people who were also in the streets to commemorate Imam Hossein's martyrdom anniversary.
In related news, we learn at IRIB radio that "The court of the persons accused of violating Islamic revolution ideals will be held in the Tehran’s Islamic revolution court tomorrow." "Violating Islamic revolution ideals"--not the sort of thing you want to be charged with in a country with a Revolutionary Guard Corps. Stay tuned.

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Palestine Telegraph: "Was the attempt to blow up Detroit bound plane a false flag?"

Let's sample some of that reasoning:
[...] Let’s just take a moment to see how such a person could ever board a flight with this background. Almost every aspect of his credentials or should I say lack of credentials were out of order and in normal security protocol he would never have got past security in the first place…..this starts at check in. then to passport/security control to the boarding gate and in all cases this man failed the test. We have heard so many times of similar CIA/Mossad type operations that have taken place whereby members or their respective cells orchestrate such activity and plant there stooge onboard an aircraft.

From my perspective I would simply ask one question why would such a terrorist engage in such activity at the end of a Tran’s Atlantic flight, especially when the aircraft has commenced it descent and approach to Detroit? Everyone knows that this is the most active time for everyone onboard the aircraft. The crews are going through their descent/arrival checks, the cabin crews are extremely active in the cabin preparing the aircraft for landing and everyone is wide awake. In most terrorist attacks they are done out over the Atlantic and when the atmosphere in the cabin is rather sleepy.

I believe this could indicate as being another false flag to divert attention from other issues or to gain justification for the US operations in Yemen. Someone somewhere knows more about this rather amateur attempt to make thinks look serious. It also allows the President to again enforce more security measure or carry out other actions based on his “Fight Against Terrorism”…… actual fact the axis of evil that was so broadly publicised lies within the US Government itself with its tentacles extending over to the UK, EU and Israel. [...]
The ellipses within the paragraphs are from the Pal Telegraph version.