Monday, January 04, 2010

Ahmadinejad "condemns US plots in Pakistan"

The Big Satan is trying to "impose some inappropriate conditions" on Pakistan. That's the Khomeinist political style: crazy and vague.
IRI President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned on Sunday the recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan and stressed that Pakistani nation and government should be aware of US plots.

Speaking at the cabinet session, President Ahmadinejad reaffirmed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has called for the region's security and tranquility.

Referring to the US plans to intensify the clashes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, he added there is no doubt that Americans are responsible for the brutal explosions in Pakistan.

Americans are trying to create clashes and stress in Pakistan to impose some inappropriate conditions on the country, he said adding in the case Pakistani nation and government should pay for it for many years. [...]
World Arrogance tentacles may threaten Pakistan, but things are looking up in Iran. According to a Fars headline, "Iran Arrests Several Foreigners with Main Roles in Recent Unrests":
Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi announced on Monday that the country's security forces arrested a number of foreign nationals during the unrests on December 27.

"Some of the arrestees are foreign nationals who sought (to launch) propaganda and psychological war (against Iran)," Moslehi told reporters without pointing to the number of the foreign detainees arrested on the day of Ashoura.

He declared that the Iranian forces had seized some cameras and other equipments from the foreign arrestees, who had entered Iran on December 25, people. [...]
So they should have that unfortunate business of "unrests" wrapped up momentarily. Things are also coming along in Gaza, as an IRIB headline announces, "Hamas approves 540-million-dollar budget":
Gaza-based Palestinian government, Hamas on Monday announced a 540-million-dollar (377-million-euro) budget for 2010 with just 55 million dollars coming from taxes and other local sources of revenue.

Israel and Egypt have sealed Gaza off from all but vital goods since June 2007, nevertheless the government has regularly paid 22,000 civil servants, including thousands of security forces. [...]
That's good to hear--you need a solid paycheck to get through a humanitarian crisis.

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